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Bulletin de l’Institut français d’archéologie orientale 105
2005 IFAO
29 p.
gratuit - free of charge
Un jardin d’oasis d’époque romaine à ‘Ayn-Manâwir (Kharga, Égypte).

This archaeobotanical study focuses on a Roman pool used to hold water at the outlet of an underground water-collecting gallery (qanât) dug into the butte of ‘Ayn-Manâwir. Plant remains were found both in living position (roots, stem bases) in and around the pool, as well as in the wind-blown sand filling it. They provide us with information about the garden surrounding the pool, composed of planted and spontaneous palms and trees, and the fields located farther north. The data reflects a complex palm grove oasis agricultural system, that resulted from the use of water collecting and distributing techniques, domestic animals and varied crop associations. The agricultural economy was locally rich, and seems to have been very little influenced by imported plants.

1 notices triées par date de parution, page 1 : [1]