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Annales islamologiques 46
2013 IFAO
20 p.
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وثيقتان مرينيتان لم يسبق نشرهما حول تعديل المدّ النّبوي بمدينة فاس (نشر ودراسة) Waṯīqatān marīniyyatān lam yasbaq našru-humā ḥawla taʿdīl al-mudd al-nabawī bi-madīnat Fās (našr wa dirāsa)

The essence of this article is the publication of two unpublished documents stored in a maǧmūʿ preserved in the ancient Royal Library in Rabāṭ reporting a revaluation of mudd (base unit for measuring capacity up to the prophetic period), the date of this calibration was at (839/1435), by the order of the Merinid vizier Yaḥyā al-Waṭṭāsī.

The analysis approach in this study shows the unity of the Maghreb metrology system, between its three branches (Measure capacity, weight and length measurement). It was based on the grain of barley, common unit between these different branches, like the different units of the Eastern systems, such as the Egyptian system, or the Iraqi one.

Keywords: arabic manuscripts, historical documents, muslim metrology, stamps, low weight, capacity measurement, Maghreb, workshop striking, measure of languor, history of Arabs techniques.