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BIFAO105_art_09.pdf (4.17 Mb)
Extrait pdf de l’ouvrage :
Bulletin de l’Institut français d’archéologie orientale 105
2005 IFAO
10 p.
gratuit - free of charge
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Recherches sur les textes de la pyramide de la reine Ânkhesenpépy II. 1. Le registre supérieur de la paroi est de la chambre funéraire (AII/F/E sup).

A restitution in fac-simile of the upper part of the East wall of the newly discovered funerary chamber of Queen Ânkhesenpepy is presented here, with a short comment on the Pyramid Texts included. From the assembled 116 fragments, the following suite of spells can be -reconstructed for the sixty-one columns of AII/F/E sup: PT 364, 441, new spell, 321, N561A, 310, 463 + 464, 407, 604, 301, 473, 474, 460 and another new spell.

Thanks to this new occurrence of PT N561A (situated in AII/F/E sup 15-18), a spell which was previously known by only a few words found in the pyramid of Pepy 1 st (P/V/E 20-22), this text can now be completed and translated.

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