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Bulletin de l’Institut français d’archéologie orientale 105
2005 IFAO
22 p.
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Sondages dans le monastère de Baouit. - 2003.

The monastery of Bawit (Middle Egypt) was discovered by the French archaeologist Jean Clédat in 1900. The site was excavated from 1901 to 1913 by Ifao which published several reports. The new excavation concerns two places on the kôm: the so-called “north church” and sondages. Sondages 1 and 2, completed in 2003, have permitted the clarification of the stratigraphy of the northern part of the monastery, where excavations were made in 1913 by Jean Maspero. The structures indicate that they were originally dwellings dating to the Byzantine period (from the sixth to the second half of the seventh centuries).

1 notices triées par date de parution, page 1 : [1]