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Annales islamologiques 46
2013 IFAO
40 p.
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اليهودية ودورها فى الصراع الحميرى الأكسومى على عهد يوسف أسأر بنقوش المسند Al-yahūdiyya wa-dawruhā fī al-ṣirāʿ al-ḥimyyarī al-uksūmī ʿalā ʿahd Yūsif As'ar bi-nuqūš al-musnad

Judaism had contributed in all the Himyarite foreign relations, during the first quarter of the sixth century, especially with the christian encampment which was led by Byzantine and its religious ally kingdom of Axom which has Abyssinian origins. Both of them supported christianity at Yemen, as a way to pursue their interests in this vital region of the Arabian Peninsula, taking advantage of the large extent of weakness of the Himaritic country at the end of its era.

The efforts of the Jewish king Yūsuf Asʿar (518-525) to resist those foreign ambitions were through christian wide persecution in his country which was manifested in the famous massacre of Naǧrān.

Keywords: Ḏū Nuwās – the inscriptions CIH621 – Ry.507, 508 and Ja.1028.