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Annales islamologiques 45
2011 IFAO
22 p.
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Al-ṣurra al-šarīfa fī ḥuggat qabḍ wa tasallum wa istiġlāl wa istīfāʾ (1290 H. / 1873). Dirāsa waṯāʾiqiyya. .الصرة الشريفة في ضوء حجة قبض وتسلم واستغلال واستيفاء (٠٩٢١ هـ/ ٣٧٨١ م). دراسة وثائقية

The Surra (bundle) for Mecca and Medina is the traditional money or funds sent by countries with the Haǧǧ caravan to be distributed among the poor of Mecca and Medina. Egyptian Sultans used to send Surra of money to Mecca and Medina with The Trustee of the Surra (who is responsible for its delivery cash remittance) who go to with Haǧǧ-journey and al-Maḥmal. This search publishes new document of Surra which khedive Ismail sent to Mecca and Medina in 1290 A.H – 1873 A.D.

Keywords : Surra – holy carpet – Maḥmal – piligrimage – money – piaster – palaces – coin – document – bundle – Mecca – Medina – poor – trustee – Egyptian sultans – khedive.