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Annales islamologiques 44
2010 IFAO
36 p.
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Sūq al-ḫidīwī Tawfīq bi al-ʿAtaba al-ḫaḍrāʾ bi al-Qāhira 1886-1892. Dirāssa aṯariyya waṯaʾiqqya. سوق الخديوي توفيـق بالعتبة الخضراء بالقاهرة ١٢٥٠-١٥١٧م دراسة أثريـة وثائقية

Khedive Tawfeek Market in al-ʿAtaba al-Khaḍra in Cairo 1886-1892. Archaeological and documental study

Khedive Tawfeek built general Market in al-ʿAtaba l-Khaḍra in Cairo, in the year 1886. This market was erected between the old part of Cairo and the modern one. Its construction was influenced by European Architecture that came to Egypt after French Campaign (1798). It has been erected with metal and it has been designed by Grand Bey.

Keywords: Khedive Tawfeek – Market – al-ʿAtaba al-Khaḍra – Cairo – European Architecture – Egypt – Grand Bey – Metal

1 notices triées par date de parution, page 1 : 1