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Annales islamologiques 41
2007 IFAO
15 p.
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الأسطورة فى المجتمع الهندى فى العصور الوسطى ودلالاتها التاريخية. قصة شكروتى فرماض نموذجاً. Al-Usṭūra fi-l muǧtamaʿ al-hindī fi-l ʿuṣūr al-wusṭa wa dalālātihā al-tārīḫiyya. Qiṣṣat šakrūtī firmāḍ numūḏaǧan.

This study examines a number of historical texts that deal with legendary stories from Medieval India. The author would like to explore from a new perspective the historical accuracy of these legends in that they might indeed hold important historical facts, otherwise neglected by scholars due to the very nature of them being labelled as myths. The author will illustrate his theory by using a number of historical texts that deal with the legend of the Indian king Shakarawati Farmand and how he came to embrace Islam.

Keywords: Islam, India, Myth, Shakarawati Farmand, Cheramen Perumal, Malabar, Arab, Mapillas, Muslim, Prophet, Baba Ratan, Medieval, Muhammad b. Malik, The Endowment.