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Annales islamologiques 41
2007 IFAO
33 p.
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دراســة لوقف الأمير قيت الرجبى. Dirāsa li waqf al-Amīr Qayt al-Raǧbī.

Amir Kit al-Ragaby is considered to be one of the great Mamluks in Egypt and Syria during the late Mamluk Period, in particular during the court of Sultan al-Ghoury. Despite this fact, Amir Kit and his significance remains unmentioned by biographers. The author has endeavoured to collect biographical details of his life from many different sources, with particular detail to his Endowment document that provides a partial description of his house. An attempt will be made within this paper to reconstruct the house using contemporary comparative material.

Keywords: Endowment, Biography, House, Reconstruction.