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ISBN 9782724707496
2021 IFAO
Collection: CAI 35
Langue(s): anglais
1 vol. 192 p.
28 (1400 EGP)

Primordial History, Print Capitalism, and Egyptology in Nineteenth-Century Cairo
Muṣṭafā Salāma al-Naǧǧārī’s. The Garden of Ismail’s Praise

How old is the world? This question was a central problem for Muslims, Christians, and Jews in the face of the new scientific discoveries in the nineteenth century. This book introduces the answer from a Muslim point of view, outside of official institutions. The extended introduction – a microhistory in the Middle East – explores the life and œuvre of a forgotten Egyptian intellectual and poet, Muṣṭafā Salāma al-Naǧǧārī (d. 1870). Next, A. Mestyan provides the English translation and Arabic transcription of the surviving fragments of al-Naǧǧārīʼs manuscript, The Garden of Ismail’s Praise. This is a universal history of Egypt, written while the Suez Canal was under construction to praise the governor Khedive Ismail (r. 1863-1879). The author advocates a unique solution to computing the period of primordial history, before the Deluge, in the age of steam and print. Al-Naǧǧārī's alternative Nahḍa voice is available for the first time in this edition.



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Adam Mestyan
p. 1-186
19 €
Primordial History, Print Capitalism, and Egyptology in Nineteenth-Century Cairo