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BIFAO104_art_10.pdf (8.47 Mb)
Extrait pdf de l’ouvrage :
Bulletin de l’Institut français d’archéologie orientale 104
2004 IFAO
45 p.
gratuit - free of charge
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Le groupe familial de Pachéryentaisouy. Caire JE 36576.


The present article consists of the publication of a statuary group discovered by G. Legrain at Karnak in 1904. The monument, dating from the end of the IVth or the beginning of the IIId century BC, now preserved in the Cairo Museum (JE 36576), belongs to an Amun priest from XoĪs: -Pacheryentaisouy.

His son, Achakhet, who presented it, covered it with texts: in addition to the traditional -appeals for priests and autobiographical compositions, he had it engraved with an hymn to Amun and very originals texts, whose funerary character is manifest. These texts, very uncommon on this kind of monument sited in a temple and not in a tomb, have no exact parallels. They took their inspiration from contemporary compositions like Glorifications, Book of Going on for Eternity, Book for Breathing, Embalming Ritual, etc.

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