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Annales islamologiques 53
2020 IFAO

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Marsūm li-l-sulṭān al-Ġūrī : dayr al-Barāmūs wa ṣirāʿ ḥawl mumtalakāt bi-l-Naḥrāriyya

Documents from the Ḥaram Šarīf are considered to be among the most important historical sources from the Mamluk Jerusalem society because they provide much documentary evidence covering all aspects of life in this community during that era. Among the most important documents included in this collection; documents on the cases of marriage and divorce in the community of Jerusalem. The document being studied (No. 646) belongs to this group, and includes two marriage contracts and two divorce contracts for a former slave named Zumurrud, who lived in Jerusalem at the end of the 8th century of the Islamic calendar/14th century. Since the case of Zumurrud is one of the few cases of the lower classes that can trace a large part of its family history thanks to the existence of this document, which includes marriage and divorce contracts, in addition to another document registering a third marriage for her, this study attempts to discuss the case of Zumurrud through the publication and discussion of document 646, which appears to be rich in details revealing important aspects of the life of women in Jerusalem during the Mamluk era.