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Restarting Archeometallurgy in Modern Egypt

Our project would like to continue the research of ancient Egyptian copper metallurgy in
the footsteps of M. Wuttmann, but also going further with contemporary analytical possibilities. In the two-year project, we aim to demonstrate the feasibility of scientific study of metals in Egypt in the compliance with the current Egyptian legislation. The principal investigators of the project (Martin Odler, Jiří Kmošek) have been involved in studies of material from several ancient Egyptian sites, stored e,g, in the Egyptian Museum of Leipzig University, Vienna University and Kunsthistorisches Museum Wien. Among the outputs of our projects can be listed a monograph published in Oxford (Old Kingdom Copper Tools and Model Tools, Archaeopress 2016, main author M. Odler). Recently, our co-authored article was published in the Journal of Archaeological Science (Invisible connections. Early Dynastic and Old Kingdom Egyptian Metalwork in the Egyptian Museum of Leipzig University, authors J. Kmošek, M. Odler, M. Fikrle, Y. V. Kochergina). The aim of our project is to systematically gather data about copper alloy metallurgy of ancient Egyptians in contemporary Egypt with the laboratory equipment that is currently available, predominantly at IFAO, but also in cooperation with other institutions.