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Le jeudi 3 mars 2022 à 19h00 (heure du Caire), IFAO géolocalisation IFAO


Manal Ibrahim

Partenaire(s) de l’Ifao : CEDEJ & IFE

Langue : anglais.

The third session of the seminar ASWAT organized by the CEDEJ, the IFAO and the IFE will be presented by Manal Ibrahim (Tahtib Festival of Luxor, Egyptian Ministry of Culture) who will introduce the Taḥṭīb tradition in upper Egypt along with introducing the musicians and members of the group who will perform the music repertoire of their heritage.

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In Upper Egypt, many mawālid (pl. mūlid) are held during the month of šaʿbān, the month preceding ramaḍān.

Each of these festivals represents a special occasion for the men of Ṣaʿīd – Upper Egypt – to gather and play taḥṭīb, the stick game, also known as laʿb al-ʿaṣāya, an exclusively male sport where the practitioner has to demonstrate moral values and strength.

Taḥṭīb duels, can last for several hours, even all night, and can’t take place without the mizmār (oboe with double reed of conical bore) and the ṭabla baladī (large drum with two membranes). Steps are built in interaction with this music, and vice versa, in a call-and-response pattern. The dancer draws the circle while walking, stick raised, while the zummāra (sg. mizmār) pursue their ḍōr, the dancer turns spinning the stick and the game is open…

Introduced by Manal Ibrahim (Tahtib Festival of Luxor, Egyptian Ministry of Culture)


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Sounds - and music - are able to shape individual and collective identities, define spaces and borders, denote cultures, transmit knowledge and influence style lives.

ASWAT is a series of music meetings and music performances focusing on Egyptian culture(s) of music that seeks to explore a range of musical practices across Egypt, and beyond, through the contribution of academic speakers and music makers, followed by a concert. The meetings will offer the opportunity to deepen some historical, religious, social and musicological aspects that interwoven in, and from, the Egyptian music heritage, addressing creation, performance and reception practice.

Aswat is a joint initiative from CEDEJ, IFAO supported by IFE.

Les sons - et la musique - sont capables de façonner les identités individuelles et collectives, de définir les espaces et les frontières, de dénoter les cultures, de transmettre les connaissances et d'influencer les styles de vies.

ASWAT est une série de rencontres et de spectacles musicaux axés sur la ou les cultures musicales égyptiennes qui vise à explorer un éventail de pratiques musicales à travers l'Égypte, et au-delà, grâce à la contribution de conférenciers universitaires et de musiciens, suivie d'un concert. Les rencontres seront l'occasion d'approfondir certains aspects historiques, religieux, sociaux et musicologiques qui s'entremêlent dans et à partir du patrimoine musical égyptien, en abordant les pratiques de création, d'interprétation et de réception.

ASWAT est une initiative conjointe du CEDEJ, l'Ifao soutenue par l'IFE.