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Du dimanche 5 janvier 2020 au jeudi 16 janvier 2020 à 18h00, IFAO géolocalisation IFAO

The Ifao archaeological training 2020 / Ceramic studies

Sylvie Marchand, Julie Monchamp, Jane Smythe, Ayman Hussein, Félix Relats Montserrat

Partenaire(s) de l’Ifao : Ministry of Antiquities

Langue : anglais.

The Ifao archaeological training 2020 will be held at Ifao from Sunday January 5th to Thursday 16th (January 7th is off). During 10 days, the participants will take part at theorical and practical sessions related to ceramology. Theorical courses will focus on Egyptian pottery through the chronology from the Neolithic period to the Modern Time. Sessions will deal with methodology in archaeological ceramic studies from the excavation to the publication : shard identification based on drawing, description and photography ; typology analysis; bibliographical research and report writing. A session at the Laboratory of ceramology will approach technical and scientific aspects of materiel examination. Introduction to photographical documentation and conservation technique will also be part of the workshop. Several sessions will be dedicated to practicing ceramic drawing ; hand sketching and drawing with Illustrator program. A practical course will be devoted to clay modeling. This training will take place at the Ifao but also includes two visits at the Egyptian Museum and at the Islamic Art Museum.


Selected Bibliography

Trainer Team:
Dr. Sylvie Marchand (coordinator) is a ceramicist specialized in ancient Egyptian pottery. She is responsable of the Ifao Ceramic Laboratory since 1994. She is also the editor of Ifao’s Journal Cahiers de la céramique égyptienne and Bulletin de la liaison de la céramique égyptienne.

Dr. Julie Monchamp (coordinator) is a ceramicist specialized in the Near Eastern Middle Ages. She’s holding a PhD in Islamic Archaeology from Sorbonne University since 2011. She was a Research Fellow at the Ifao then Junior Researcher at the Annemarie Schimmel Kolleg in Bonn University. She is involved in some archaelogical projects in Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, Armenia and Marocco.

Jane Smythe is a ceramicist specialising in Egyptian Predynastic Pottery. She has a degree in Visual Arts majoring in pottery and a Master`s Degree in Egyptology. Jane holds Egyptian nationality and has been working in the field of Egyptian archaeology for the past 20 years with various archaeological missions. From 2009-2017 she was the Assistant Director of ARCE, and is now employed by the Ministry of Antiquities.

Ayman Hussein is Illustrator at the Ifao and specialized in archaeological drawings.

Dr. Félix Relats Montserrat is Agrégé d’histoire and scientific member at the Ifao, specializes in social history of the Pharaonic era. His research focuses on the interactions between temples and their urban and artisanal environment. He is responsible for the excavations of Médamoud (Louqsor) on behalf of the Ifao. His research also focuses on the history of excavations between the 19th and early 21st centuries.

Dr. Ashraf al-Senussi is curator at the Karanis Museum and also a ceramicist specialized in Old Kingdom pottery.