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Atelier de recherche

Du jeudi 2 mai 2019 au samedi 4 mai 2019 à 9h00, IFAO géolocalisation IFAO

The Sources of Egyptian Urban History: Problems and Methods

Mercedes Volait and Adam Mestyan

Partenaire(s) de l’Ifao: CNRS, Duke University et CollEx-Persée

Langue: anglais.

A workshop of the research program “La fabrique du Caire moderne”, jointly supported by Institut français d’archéologie orientale (Ifao, Cairo), L’information visuelle et textuelle en histoire de l’art : nouveaux terrains, corpus, outils – InVisu (CNRS, INHA, Paris) and the History Department of Duke University (USA).

The first day of the workshop, Thursday May 2nd, will be open to general public to attend while the other two days will be exclusive to invited scholars.

“La fabrique du Caire moderne” (Twitter: @cairemoderne) is a pilot project about urban development, architecture, Euro-Mediterranean entanglements and global investment in Cairo in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Its main goal is to combine thorough archival research with historical topographic iconography, using digital tools (visualization, GIS and TEI-XML texts), in order to produce a global urban history of the Egyptian capital.

The workshop is co-organised by the project co-directors : Prof. Mercedes Volait (Invisu, CNRS) and Prof. Adam Mestyan (Duke University).

En lien avec cet évènement
  • Programme : La fabrique du Caire moderne
  • Programme of Thursday May 2nd - open to general public to attend
    Mot de bienvenue/Greetings: Frederic Abecassis (IFAO) (French & English)
    14:15 Mercedes Volait (CNRS) & Adam Mestyan (Duke University), “Introducing the Project”
    14:30-15:00 Ghislaine Alleaume (CNRS), “Sources for the urban history of Khedival Alexandria” (in English)
    15:00-15:30 Magdi Guirguis (Kafr al-Shaykh University and IFAO), “The Coptic Patriarchate Archives and the Urban History of Cairo” (in Arabic)
    15:30-16:00 Rezk Nori (The Center for Contemporary Egyptian History, Egyptian National Library), “The Inheritance of Merchants in Muhammad ‘Ali’s Cairo as a Source for Urban History” (in Arabic)

    16:00-16:30 Coffee break

    16:30-17:00: Adam Mestyan (Duke University), “Property Identification and Administration in Modern Cairo: The Narrative Method” (in English)
    17:00-17:30 Mercedes Volait (CNRS), “Telling a Story through Photography? About Some Rare Views of Modern Cairo” (in English)
    17:30-18:00 Hossam al-Din Isma‘il (‘Ayn Shams University), “David Roberts as a Source for Documenting Cairo” (in Arabic)
    18:30 Summary discussion

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