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Atelier de recherche

Du lundi 23 avril 2018 au jeudi 26 avril 2018 à 9h00 (heure du Caire), IFAO géolocalisation IFAO

The Karkégi archive on modern Cairo

Adam Mestyan and Mercedes Volait

Max Karkégi (1931-2011), a great lover of Cairo, has bequeathed to the National Library of France (BnF) a very rich documentary collection consisting of thousands of photographies, partly exploited on his website “Egypt of bygone days”, but also documents on places and personalities of modern Cairo. From this rich documentation, Adam Mestyan and Mercedes Volait wish to build a digital work tool that combines cartography, photography and text.

The workshop will gather specialists to discuss engaging with rare visual and textual data on Modern Cairo and working at their digital access.

The first day of the workshop, Monday April 23rd, will be open to general public to attend while the other three days will be exclusive to invited scholars. They will be working together to develop a research project on the subject.
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