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Le mercredi 20 mai 2015 à 18h00 (heure du Caire), IFAO géolocalisation IFAO

Life and Death on the Egyptian-Nubian Border: Recent Results from Hisn al-Bab

Pamela Rose, Directrice adjointe de l’Institut archéologique autrichien au Caire

The site of Hisn al-Bab stands on the long recognized border between Egypt and Nubia, close to the island of Philae. Between the late Roman and the early Medieval periods a series of fortifications was built here to regulate and control those travelling between the two areas.

At Hisn al-Bab, a previously uninvestigated site, the recent work of the Austrian Archaeological Institute (Cairo) has identified three phases of occupation, each of which is marked by significant building activities which demonstrate the changing nature of settlement on the border over time, from a Roman fort to a medieval Nubian frontier post through which trade goods were processed. Remarkable organic preservation gives insight into living arrangements and the provision and storage of food, whilst the presence of bodies showing significant battle injuries and weaponry attest to the contested status of the area. Finds, particularly of ceramics, indicate a significant Nubian presence at all stages of occupation.

In this talk Dr Rose will present an overview of the site, and the latest results from the archaeological work at Hisn al-Bab. These results will then be discussed in their historical context.