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Khaled Hassan

dr dot khaled_hassan at@ y.ahoo dot com


Correspondant scientifique

Maître de conférences

Université du Caire, faculté d’archéologie

Ph.D. in Egyptology, Cairo University.
"Publishing hieratic ostraca from the Egyptian Museum in Cairo from Deir el-Bahri and Deir el-Medina"

2014 till now: Lecturer of Egyptology at Faculty of Archaeology- Egyptology Department,
Cairo University.

2011-2014: Assistant lecturer at Faculty of Archaeology, Cairo University,
Egyptology Department

2005-2011: Demonstrator at the Faculty of Archaeology- Egyptology department.

Ancient Egyptian Language.
Hieratic inscriptions (Papyrus- Ostraca- Grafitti- tablets)

Publish the hieratic Book of the Dead papyrus of the lady Hatnofer of18th dynasty.

Conducting the graffiti project with Dr. Chloe Ragazzoli, Sorbonne University.

2018: Kh. Hassan- St. Polis Extending the corpus of Amennakhte’s literary compositions, Palaeographical and textual connections between two ostraca (O. BM EA 21282 + O. Cairo HO
425), in A. Dorn, and St. Polis, Outside the Box, Selected papers from the conference "Deir el-Medina and Theban necropolis in contact, Liége 27-29 October 2104, CollectionÆgyptiaca Leodiensia 11, Liége, p. 245-264.

2018: Kh. Hassan and A. Mekawy Ouda, Ramesside Hieratic Stela of Penōne in the Egyptian Museum of Cairo, JARCE, (Tr., JARCE 54, 2018, p. 41-54.

2017: Kh. Hassan, The longest Visitor’s ostracon concerning the temple of Dei el-Bahri. "A
recombination of two pieces, Ostraca Cairo 430 and 432", BIFAO 117, 2017, p. 281-292.

2017: Kh. Hassan, An18th dynasty Writing-board from Saqqara in Cairo Museum (Prophecy of Nefer.ti), CG 25224- JE 32972, BIFAO 117, 2017, p. 261-280.

2017: Kh. Hassan, A new literary compositions to the scribe Amunnakhte, SAK 46, 2017, p. 101-111.

2016: Kh. Hassan, An 18th dynasty wooden board in the Egyptian Museum of Cairo JE 95750- CG 25366, ejars 6, issue 2, 2017, p. 125-132.

2016: Kh. Hassan, Supplies to the fowl yard of Karnak, (Hieratic ostracon from the Egyptian Museum in Cairo), GM 249, 2016, p. 59-66.

2016: Kh. Hassan, The Visitors’ Graffiti in Two Tombs of Beni Hassan (Ameny and Khnumhotep II), JARCE 52, 2016, p. 33-54.

2016: Kh. Hassan, "Two Administrative Hieratic ostraca from Deir el-Bahri, (Late 20th and Early 21st Dynasties)", SAK 45, 2016, p. 125-136.

2015: Khaled Hassan, "Three New Kingdom Ostraca", JEOL 45, p. 33-43.

2015: Kh. Hassan, "Some 18th Dynasty Hieratic Ostraca from Deir el-Bahri", BIFAO 115, p. 179- 229.

2014: Kh. Hassan, "Solar hymn ostracon from Deir el-Bahri", BIFAO 114, p. 245-260.

2013: Kh. Hassan, A visitor’s hieratic ostracon concerning the temple of Deir el-Bahri, BIFAO 113, p. 183-192.

2018: Lecture at Alexandria University about the "The reading of the Historical texts", 8 November 2018.

2017: Lecture at Calligraphy center in the library of Alexandria about "Editing and publishing the hieratic texts". 27 April 2017.

2016: talk in the international conference of the hieratic script “Ägyptologische Binsenweisheiten III” entitled with "New literary composition to the scribe Amunnakhte’ that held in 7th: 9th of April at Mainz.

2015 workshop at Cairo University entitled with "Course specification".
2014 workshop at Cairo University entitled with "Program specification".