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Call for Abstracts: Mammisis of Egypt. Deadline for Abstracts Submission, 20th December 2018.

Call for papers

Mammisis of Egypt

IFAO Cairo, Egypt, March 27-28, 2019

The IFAO is organizing a colloquium on ‘Mammisis of Egypt’. Mammisis, mainly houses for birthing the divine child of each local triad, were multifunctional edifices. Our knowledge of these functions are based on our examination of surviving buildings either at Philae, Kom Ombo, Edfu or Dendera. Most of them are unfortunately ruined, but even more have been completely destroyed, such as those at Qus, Arment, Coptos and Athribis. Therefore, lots of information have been lost. Many questions arise from the ruined or even destroyed state of Mammisis, including:

What were their exact plans?

Why do those plans differ from place to another?

Were there priests for Mammisis?

What kind of festivals were carried out inside or in front of Mammisis?

Were those Mammisis equipped with materials such as sistra and birthing stones?

Some of those questions have been dealt in the important work of Fr. Daumas (1958), while others remain to be answered. Therefore, researchers are kindly welcome to submit for the colloquium on ‘Mammisis of Egypt’ according to the following themes:

History of Mammisis,

Theology of Mammisis,

Festivals in Mammisis,

Equipments of Mammisis.

Architecture of Mammisis,

Language and texts of Mammisis,

Economical and social aspects of Mammisis.

Submission Guidelines

Abstracts of ca. 200 words can be sent to Ali Abdelhalim: by 20th December, 2018. Please include your name, affiliation and email with the abstract in a single word document. Kindly note that the conference language is English.

Important Dates

20th December 2018 : Deadline for Abstracts Submission.

20th January 2019 : Notification of acceptance.

1st March 2019 : Deadline for Registration.

27th-28th March 2019 : Colloquium in Cairo.