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Verre byzantin et islamiqueByzantine and Islamic Glass

Maria Mossakowska-Gaubert

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Glass from Monasteries and Chapels in South Sinai
Monastic Settlements in South Sinai in the Byzantine Period. The Archaeological Remains
Israel Antiquities Authority Reports 9
Israel Antiquities Authority, Jerusalem, 2000, p. 233-245

[401, 800]
• Examples of the glass objects from some monastic sites in the South Sinai (Wādī Sigilliya,ʿAin Najila, Deir Abu Mghar, Shaqif Ed-Deir, Wādī Fraʾiya, Deir Antush):

– bowls - most of the bowl-shaped vessels found in the chapels were probably used as oil lamps:
- shallow bowls with cut-off rim and three perforations located about 1cm below the rim (Late Byzantine or Early Umayyad; fig. 1: 1-8),
- bowl with pinched decoration (6th–7th century; fig. 2: 1);
– stemmed lamp with shallow twisted mould-blown ribbed decoration on its base (Byzantine Period; fig. 2: 8);
– two rims of mould-blown bottles (Byzantine Period; fig. 2: 9-10);
– window glass:
- round or oval free-blown windows with thickened centre (Late Byzantine or Early Umayyad Period; fig. 3: 1-5; 4: 1),
- thick flat windows blowing in a cylinder, decorated with geometric and floral patterns - technique not definited: painted and fired or scratched (Early Umayyad Period; fig. 4: 2-8),
- windows of natural material - muscovite: small square shape (7th–8th century; fig. 4: 9),
- plaster window frames (5th–7th century; fig. 4: 9-10).
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