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Verre byzantin et islamiqueByzantine and Islamic Glass

Maria Mossakowska-Gaubert

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HAN, Verena
Glass in the Balkans from 12th to 15th Centuries
Annales du 8e Congrès de l'Association Internationale pour l'Histoire du Verre (London-Liverpool 1979)
AIHV, Liège, 1981, p. 195-212

[1101, 1500]
• Balkan glass manufacture in the 12th-15th centuries:
– Greece - Corinth (12th century),
– Crete - probably in Candia (14th century) - glass-makers from Murano,
– Corfu (15th century) - venetian workshop,
– Bulagaria - Veliko Trnovo (?); Serdica (?) (13th-14th century),
– Serbia - Popovica (12th-13th century),
– Croatia - Dubrovnik (14th-16th century) - the earliest manufacturing workshops accociated with glass-makers from Murano.

• Glass vessels from Venecia, Apuila, Sicilly,Tuscan exported to the Balkans.
• Glass bracelets found in ex-Yugoslavia - Byzantine inspiration or direct import from Byzantine workshops.

• “Glass roads” (14th-15th century):
– from Adriatic Coast to the interior of the Balkan peninsula: “via de Narente”, via de Zente”, “via de Drine”;
– from Salonika - Vardar - Morava vallies - converged at Belgrade;
– from Constantinople - Sofija - Niš - converged at Belgrade.

• Problems of knowing the origin of the blue pigments used in the colouring of glass.
• Production of the “prunted beakers”: Murano (15th-16th century), Dubrovnik (16th century).
• Questions with regard to the production of the stemmed goblets with discoidal or concave base.
• Window glass - product of ambulatory glassworkshops (?).

• Information from the Historical Archives in Dubrovnik.
Balkans production consommation
Bulgarie Bulgaria production
Byzance Byzantium production
Croatie Croatia Dubrovnik production
Grèce Greece Corinthe Corinth production
Corfou Corfu production
Crète Crete production
Italie Italy production
Serbie Serbia Popovica production

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