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Verre byzantin et islamiqueByzantine and Islamic Glass

Maria Mossakowska-Gaubert

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MEYER, Carol
Glass from the North Theater Byzantine Church, and Soundings at Jerash, Jordan, 1982-1983
RAST, Walter E.
Preliminary Reports of ASOR - Sponsored Excavations 1982-85
BASOR - Suppl. 25
The American Schools of Oriental Research, Boston, 1988, p. 175-222

[1, 1900]
• Archaeological context: North Theater, Church of Bishop Isaiah and some soundings (on the terrace northwest of the North Theater and in an area west and uphill from the theater and church).

• Date: most of the corpus is from the Byzantine and Umayyad Periods.

• Examples of glass objects from Jerash:

– Roman Period (1st to 3rd century A.D.):
- fragments of elaborated cut glass (fig. 5: P-R),
- beads (fig. 5: M),
- stirring rods (fig. 5: N).

– Early Byzantine Period (A.D. 324-491):
- fragments of conical beakers [however, some of them could be conical lamps] (fig. 5: S-U, W-Z aa, fig. 6: A, B),
- double kohl tubes (fig. 7: U, V),
- fragments of window glass (fig. 7: bb-ee),
- piece of bracelet : black with red-brown streaks (fig. 7: ff),

– Late Byzantine Period (A.D. 491-636):
- fragment of light blue glass with a blue blob on it (fig. 8: W).

– Late Byzantine / Early Ummayyad Period (A.D. 630-670):
- fragments of stemmed drinking glasses:
with looped foot (fig. 8: Y - cc),
with flat feet (fig. 9: A-D),
- fragments of long-necked bottles (fig. 9: O-Y),
- lamps:
fragments of hollow-stemmed lamps (fig. 10 [11]: H-L),
fragments of lamps with solid, beaded stems (fig. 10 [11]: M),
fragments of bowl-shaped lamps with handles (fig. 10 [11]: N-Q),
- fragments of window glass (fig. 11 [10]: N-U).

– Umayyad Period (A.D. 661-747 or later):
- fragments of stemmed drinking glass with flat foot (fig. 11 [10]: V-Z),
- lamps:
fragments of bowl-shaped lamps with handles (fig. 12: P-R) - one of them mould-blown (fig. 12: Q),
fragments of lamps with solid, beaded stems (fig. 13: A-D),
- fragments with marvered decoration (fig. 13: M-P),
- fragment of bracelet: red and white (and yellow ?) on blue (fig. 13: W).

– Mamluk Period (1250-1516):
- fragment of cut base from flask (fig. 13: X),
- bracelets (fig. 13: aa - ee):
fragment of black bracelet twisted with red, yellow and blue threads (fig. 13: bb),
fragment of bracelets with colored marvered strips (fig. 13: cc and dd).

– Ottoman - Modern Period:
- bracelets (fig. 13: ii - ll):
fragments of two twisted bracelets (fig. 13: jj-kk),
fragment of notched bracelet (fig. 13: ll).
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