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Verre byzantin et islamiqueByzantine and Islamic Glass

Maria Mossakowska-Gaubert

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ANTONARAS, Anastasios
Early Christian Glass Finds from the Museum Basilica, Philippi
JGS 49
The Corning Museum of Glass, Corning, 2007, p. 47-56
Museum of Byzantine Culture (Philippi)

[550, 625]
• Glass objets found in the Museum Basilica at Philippi - some characteristics:

– about 1 400 fragments of glass: windowpanes (74.46 %), vessels (23.56 %), glassworking remains (1.98 %).

– windowpanes (fig. 2):
- from the trilobate window of the apse of the Holy Bema (second quarter of the 6th century),
- made from a cylinder,
- assembled with lead strips (fig. 3).

– vessels:
- lamps (91.58 % of vessels):
fragments of stemmed lamps (fig. 4 and 5.1),
fragments of goblet-shaped lamps, some with handles (fig. 5.2a-2b; fig. 6) [some of them were drinking glasses ?],
fragments of hemispherical bowls, one with handles (fig. 5.3a-3b);
- others:
flasks (fig. 5.4a-4b ; fig. 8),
toilet bottles (fig. 5.5a-5b).

– glassworking remains:
- lumps of raw glass,
- fragments of glass ‘cake’ for the cutting of mosaic terrerae.
Grèce Greece Philippi consommation production

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