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Verre byzantin et islamiqueByzantine and Islamic Glass

Maria Mossakowska-Gaubert

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CHARLESTON, Robert Jesse
The Import of Venetian Glass into the Near-East 15th-16th Century
Annales du 3e Congrès des “Journées Internationales du Verre” (Damas 1964)
AIHV, Liège, [nd], p. 158-168
Alfonso Macaya Collection ; British Museum (LondresLondon) ; Cecil Higgins Museum (Bedford) ; The Corning Museum of Glass (Corning) ; Ernst Ascher Collection (Paris) ; Gemeente Museum (La HayeThe Hague) ; Metropolitan Museum of Art (New York) ; Murano Museum (VeniseVenice) ; Museum of Islamic Art (Le CaireCairo) ; National Museum in Damascus (DamasDamascus) ; Toledo Museum (Toledo-Ohio) ; Topkapi Saray (Istanbul) ; Victoria and Albert Museum (LondresLondon) ; Wadsworth Athenaeum (Hartford) ; Wolff Collection (São Paolo) ; Yale University Art Gallery (New Heven)

[1401, 1600]
• Examples of enamelled glass imported from Venice (or Barcelona) to the Near-East:
– lamps from the Qāytbāy mosque in Jerusalem (XVe s.) - according to the written sources (Santo Brasca, Arnold von Harff);
– mosque-lamp with Qāytbāy name painted on it, Islamic Museum in Cairo;
– mosque-lamp in the collection of Ernst Ascher in Paris (Barcelona origin ?);
– beakers, bowl, found in a Jewish cemetery at Damascus, various collections.

• Examples of others glass imported from Venice:
– goblets and bowls decorated with opaque-white threads in the “latticinio” technique, various collections;
– 900 lamps (mosque-lamps; lamps with cylindrical shape and a drop-finial end) ordered at Venice, in 1569 for the Grand Vizier Mohammed Pasha, Istanbul - according to the letter of Marcantonio Barbaro;
– lamps with “latticinio” decoration, Istanbul;
– coloured lamps in blue and manganese-purple, Istanbul;
– two mosque-lamps on a tall pedestal-foot and wide rim, Topkapı Serayı, Istanbul.

• “Lily-of-the-valley” motif, frequent on the enamelled Venetian (and Barcelona) glass of the latter part of the 15th century; “latticinio” decoration - after 1530.

• Written sources:
Santo Brasca (c. 1444-1522); Arnold von Harff (1471-1505); Tomé Pires (1465 ?- 1540 ?); Marcantonio Barbaro (1518-1595).

• Iconography:
Neri di Bicci, “Madonna with Child” (1491);
Marco Basaiti, “Agony in the Garden” (1510);
Carpaccio, “Presentation in the Temple” (1510);
Francesco Bissolo, “Annunciatio” (n.d.).

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