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Verre byzantin et islamiqueByzantine and Islamic Glass

Maria Mossakowska-Gaubert

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Poids en verre, fouilles de Fusṭāṭ (© IFAO)Glass weight, Fusṭāṭ excavations (© IFAO)
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MOORE, Olivier
Islamic Glass at Buddhist Sites in Medieval China
WARD, Rachel
Gilded and Enamelled Glass from the Middle East
British Museum Press, London, 1998, p. 78-84
British Museum (LondresLondon) ; Famen Si Museum (Xian) ; Lintong Museum (Lintong) ; Nanjing Museum (Nanjing)

[1, 1300]
• Discovery of Islamic glass in China:
– temples: Famen Si; Qingshan; Jingzhi; Huiguang Pagoda; Pagoda at Wuwei (Anhui); Chaoyang North Pagoda, Dule;
– tombs: Luoyang (Henen); Fuzhou (Fujian); Chifeng and Naimanqi (Inner Mongolia); Chaoyang.

• Foreign glass vessels highly esteemed in Chinese elite society from at least the first century A.D. onwards.
• Commercial roads from eastern Mediterranean to China.
• Local Chinese production of glass.
• Glass listed in Buddhist scripture high among the precious materials out of which, for instance, alms bowls should be made.
• Glass vessels in medieval Chinese Buddhist iconography, especially as holy attributes in the hands of Bodhisattvas (for ex. mural paintings in caves at Dunhuang of the Tang Period (618-907): fig. 19.6.
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