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Verre byzantin et islamiqueByzantine and Islamic Glass

Maria Mossakowska-Gaubert

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Glass Finds from the Baths and Sāqiyah
SZYMAŃSKA, Hanna ; BABRAJ, Krzysztof
Marea I: Byzantine Marea Excavations in 2000-2003 and 2006
Biblioteka Muzeum Archeologicznego w Krakowie 4
Muzeum Archeologiczne w Krakowie, Kraków, 2008, p. 129-143

[481, 700]
• Production of glass objects at Marea:
– glass furnace located near the baths.

• Glass objects from the baths - some characteristics:
– archaeological context:
- the well with the sāqiyah is part of the bath complex,
- most of the glass objects are related to the final phase of the functioning of the baths and its subsequent abandonment;
– forms:
- flasks and bottles as predominating forms (typical phenomenon in a bathing context);
- abundance of windowpane fragments;
- several necklace beads;
- other forms (less numerous): lamps, drinking glass, plates, bowls.

• Examples of glass objects from Marea:
– funnel-shaped neck bottles (fig. 45);
– three shards (toilet vessels) executed in opaque brownish-red glass:
- two fragments of bases decorated with painted brownish-red dots, patches and lines (fig. 46: 23),
- fragment of bottle neck with applied brownish-red threads (fig. 46: 24);
– lamps:
- with solid stems (fig. 46: 33-35),
- bowl-shaped with handles : so-called “tumbler” lamps (fig. 46: 36);
– window glass (fig. 47-49):
- “crown” blown glass with “bull’s - eye” (most common on this site) (fig. 47: 1-9),
- “muff” glass: panes cut from unrolled cylinder (fig. 47: 11),
- mould-casting pane (fig. 47: 10),
- fragments of claustras (fig. 48: 1-4),
- fragments of brick walls with ‘oculi’ (fig. 48: 5-6).
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