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Verre byzantin et islamiqueByzantine and Islamic Glass

Maria Mossakowska-Gaubert

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CROWFOOT, Grace Mary
The Glass
CROWFOOT, John Winter ; CROWFOOT, Grace Mary ; KENYON, Kathleen Mary
Samaria Sebaste. III. The Objects from Samaria
Palestine Exploration Fund, London, 1957, p. 403-422

[-500, 600]
• Examples of glass objects from the excavations at Samaria:

– Town site (1st century B.C. – 6th century A.D.[?]):
- fragments of mould cast bowls with ribbing (fig. 93: 1) : 1st century B.C.;
- fragments of mould cast bowls with cut lines (fig. 93: 2) : 1st century B.C.;
- fragments of glass with marvered trails (fig. 93: 9 and 10) : 1st century B.C. or earlier (?);
- fragment of bowl with rim ground smooth, eight-pointed star and lines incised (fig. 93: 8): 4th century A.D.;
- over 60 fragments of lamps with hollow stem (fig. 96: 6) - 40 fragments came from the “glass factory” area;
- fragment of six-sided ewer or bottle, mould-blown, patterns: lattice, lozenges, disks, palm branches (fig. 96 : 8) : 4th-5th century A.D.;
- beaker with tubular foot ring (fig. 96: 10).

– Tomb E 220 (3rd century A.D.):
- candlestick flasks (fig. 94: 1-3);
- beaker with blue coil around body (fig. 94: 14).

– “N” cemetery (4th-5th century A.D.):
- candlestick flasks (fig. 95: 1-3);
- flask “bell mouth”, rim with coil, neck with constriction - Egyptian import (?) (fig. 95: 12);
- miniature jug amulet, decorated with open network (opus diatretum) in blue coil (fig. 95: 19);
- beaker with blue coil round body (fig. 95: 20).

– Ganymede House:
- fragment of a bowl decorated with incised grooves, eight-pointed stars and Greek letters: Ε..Η and Π (fig. 97: 1): 4th century;
- fragments of window glass (with bull’s eyes).

– Church of St. John the Baptist and the Byzantine monastery:
- lamps:
fragment of bowl-lamp with wick tube, handles, tubular base (fig. 99 : 2),
fragment of bowl-lamp with wick tube, handles, concave base (fig. 99 : 3),
fragments of lamp with hollow stem, bead at base (fig. 99 : 4),
fragment of lamp with hollow, large stem (fig. 99 : 5);
- fragments of window glass (with bull’s eye).

– Glass factory from the Forum area (4th-5th century).
Israël Israel Samaria (Sebaste) production consommation

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