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Verre byzantin et islamiqueByzantine and Islamic Glass

Maria Mossakowska-Gaubert

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Notes on Late Medieval Glass in Italy
Annales du 8e Congrès de l'Association Internationale pour l'Histoire du Verre (London-Liverpool 1979)
AIHV, Liège, 1981, p. 165-177

[1201, 1400]
• Glass factories in Italy during the 13th - 14th century:
– North-east: Venice et Murano, Treviso, Vicenza, Padua, Mantua, Bologna, Ferrara, Ancona;
– Liguria: Altare, Monte Lecco, Genoa;
– Tuscany: Florence, St. Gimignano, Pisa, Gambassi, S Miniato, Montaione;
– Ombrie: Orvieto;
– Campania: Naples;
– Sicily: Palermo, Cefalà Diana, Catania.

• Distinctive shapes/decorations of the 13th -14th century glass found in Italy:
– prunted beakers: italian imitation of the goblets of Corinth;
– blue trials on colourless goblets, bottles and bowls: derived probably from Corinth;
– enamelled glass: importation from Syria; so-called “Syro-Frankish” group (for example, “Aldrevandin” beakers) - venetian production (?) [about venetian origin of these glasses and others hypotheses on this subject cf. M. Verità, “Analytical Investigation of European Enameled Beakers of the 13th and 14th Centuries”, JGS 37 (1995); I. Kreuger, “A Second Aldrevandin Beaker and an Update on a Group of Enameled Glasses”, JGS 44 (2002)].

• Inscription on glass: “+ MAGISTER. ALDREVANDIN. ME FECI(T)”.

• Iconography: Barna di Siena, “Last Supper” (c. 1350-5), Collegiata at S. Gimignano (cf. also Apprendix 1).
Grèce Greece Corinthe Corinth production
Italie Italy production consommation
Syrie Syria production

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