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Verre byzantin et islamiqueByzantine and Islamic Glass

Maria Mossakowska-Gaubert

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Small Objects from the Western End of Mound B: Objects of Glass
Soba 1. Archaeological Research at a Medieval Capital on the Blue Nile
Memoirs of the British Institute in Eastern Africa 12
The British Institute in Eastern Africa, London, 1991, p. 143-145

[-301, 350] [601, 1400]
• Examples of glass objects from Soba - Meroitic Period:
– two fragments of amber coloured moulded inlay (fig. 70 nos 235-236): head of a lioness or leopard; bird’s or scarab’s wing (?);
– “silver sandwich glass”: segmented tubular bead, silver foil incorporated between layers of clear glass (fig. 70 no. 250).

• Examples of glass objects from Soba - Christian-Medieval Period:
– jeton or measure (pl. 38 no. 242): Arabic inscription - the name of the caliph al-Ẓāhir (1020-1035) and the Muslim profession of faith: “There is no God but Allāh alone ; He has no associate; Mohammed is the prophet of Allāh”;
– fragments of armlets or bracelets (fig. 70 nos 237-241): dark blue glass, oval or square section;
– beads: monochromes, polichromes, marvered (fig. 70-71 nos 251-263 and others).
Egypte Egypt production
Soudan Sudan Soba consommation

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