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Verre byzantin et islamiqueByzantine and Islamic Glass

Maria Mossakowska-Gaubert

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NEWBY, Martine S.
Byzantine Mould-Blown Glass with Depictions of a Shrine
JANSSENS, Koen ; DEGRYSE, Patrick ; COSYNS, Peter ; CEAN, Joost ; VAN’T DACK, Luc
Annales du 17e Congrès de l'Association Internationale pour l'Histoire du Verre (Anvers 2006)
AIHV - University Press Antwerp, Anvers, 2009, p. 301-307
Antiquarium (New York) ; Archaeological Centre (Tel Aviv) ; Barakat Gallery (Beverly Hills) (LondresLondon) ; Bonhams (LondresLondon) ; The Corning Museum of Glass (Corning) ; David Sofer Collection (LondresLondon) ; Godwin-Ternbach Museum, Queen’s College (New York) ; Hans Cohn Collection (Los Angeles) ; Israel Museum (JérusalemJerusalem) ; Metropolitan Museum of Art (New York) ; Moussaieff Collection (LondresLondon) ; Oppenländer Collection (BâleBasel) ; Richard Loy Collection ; Sotheby’s (LondresLondon)

[501, 700]
• Previously unpublished group of 38 mould-blown Byzantine glass vessels – some characteristics:
– decorated with a depiction of a stylized shrine: most probably the Holy Sepulchre or the Edicule over the Tomb of Christ in Jerusalem;
– all the vessels are ewers, except for one flask;
– square- or hexagonal-sectioned mould-blown bodies;
– assigned to 11 different moulds for the square-sectioned vessels and 7 moulds for the hexagonal; 10 moulds represented by only 1 example;
– made for pilgrims visiting the Holy Land and Jerusalem in particular, to contain sanctified oil, water, or earth, etc.
Israël Israel consommation
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