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Bois travaillé du Ier au XVe sc.1st to 15th century worked wood

Iwona Zych

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WILD, John P. WILD, Felicity C.
SIDEBOTHAM, Steven E. ; WENDRICH, Wilhelmina Z.
Berenike 1998. Preliminary Report of the 1998 Excavations at Berenike (Egyptian Red Sea Coast) and the Survey of the Eastern Desert
CNWS, Leiden, 2000, p. 251-274

[1, 200]
(p. 268)
Illustrated brail-rings and sail cloth, which is repeated across publications; Wild and Wild speak of four brail-rings being found there.
(p. 272)
Discussion of high proportion of Indian teak among the timber found in Berenike, either imported for shipbuilding or repair, or recycling of the material.

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