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Bois travaillé du Ier au XVe sc.1st to 15th century worked wood

Iwona Zych

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IKRAM, Salima ; ISKANDER, Nasry
Non-human Mummies
Catalogue Général of Egyptian Antiquities in the Cairo Museum
The Supreme Council of Antiquities Press, Le Caire | Cairo, 2002, p. 18-20; 24-25; 34-39; 44; 45; 54-59
Egyptian Museum (Le CaireCairo)

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Graeco-Roman mummies in wooden containers:
• CG 29758. votive mummy, dog or jackal? zoomorphic coffin, Saqqara or Abu Sir. Anubis enthroned with hands in front of his chest, made of several pieces of wood dowelled together, hollow inside. Painted (cf. Gaillard and Daressy 1905: 127,
Pl. LIII); p. 18, illustration on p. 81 does not show coffin.
• CG 29760. Votive mummy in coffin typical for humans with carved image of a lying Anubis. Ptolemaic. Saqqara. p. 18, ill. on p. 80 (cf. Gaillard and Daressy 1905: 127-8, Pl. LIV);
• CG 29773. Votive mummy of cat in large coffin in two vertical halves, carved to show seated cat, acacia wood, plastered and painted (p. 19, ill. on p. 81), undated (cf. Gaillard and Daressy 1905: 133);
• CG 29775. 29776. 29782. 29783. Votive mummy in wooden coffin, made of pieces dowelled together, sycamore wood, plastered and painted, undated (p. 19, ill. p. 82)(cf. Gaillard and Daressy 1905: 133 and 133-134, Pl. LIX; 135, Pl. LVIII; 135-136); all except first from Gurna.
• CG 29813. Votive mummy, crocodile; cedar coffin, side-opening rectangular box surmounted by crude carving of crocodile, undated (p. 24, ill. p. 83) (cf. Gaillard and Daressy 1905: 152);
• CG 29814. Votive mummy, crocodile; coffin with crude carving of crocodile, undated (p. 24, ill. p. 93) (cf. Gaillard and Daressy 1905: 152);
• CG 29819. Votive mummy in coffin, sycamore wood, plain on three sides, fourth side with two carved ledges; Late/Graeco-Roman period, p. 25, not illustrated (cf. Gaillard and Daressy 1905: 154);
• CG 29820. Votive mummy in coffin, sycamore wood, plain; undated, p. 25, ill. on p. 84 (cf. Gaillard and Daressy 1905: 154);
• CG 29859. Sacred cow mummy mounted on wooden board using metal clamps, furnished with chin rest, board made of eight planks, c. 11 cm in width, totaling 87 cm in width and 2.28 m in length. Armant, tomb Baqaria 14, excavated in 1930-31 by EES, AD 2-3 century? p. 34, not illustrated (cf. Mond and Myers 1934: 62-64);
• CG 29860. Sacred mummy of cow, body partly a wooden construction. Saqqara, Ptolemaic period (EES 1969, cf. Smith 1974: pl. II,E), pp. 34-35, ill. on p. 91;
• CG. 29861. 29862. 29863. Sacred ram mummies, ears and horns of wood attached to body in cartonnage of first, last has gilded wooden crown consisting of the Khnum horns surmounted by a sun disk flanked by two uraei, the horns are real. Elephantine, Late/Graeco-Roman period?; in second, wooden support; pp. 35-36, ill, on p. 91;
• CG 29869. Votive mummy of ibis in rectangular wooden box carved inside to fit a seated ibis, Tuna el-Gebel, undated, pp. 38-39, ill. on p. 93 (excavated in 1948, probably by S. Gabra);
• CG 29870. Votive mummy of ibis fitted tightly into wooden coffin, Saqqara, Late/Graeco-Roman period, p. 39, ill. on p. 93;
• CG 29882. 29883. Votive mummy in bronze case with wooden flap blocking opening (EES excavations at Saqqara in 1970 and 1972), Ptolemaic and Late/Ptolemaic. p. 43 (cf. Jett, Sturman and Weisser 1985: 112-118; Roeder 1956: 395-399);
• CG 29885. Votive mummy in wooden coffin, Saqqara, undated, p. 43 (EES excavations);
• CG 29885. Votive mummy in rectangular wooden box, Saqqara, undated, p. 43 (EES excavations).

Appendix I (pp. 54-59): Containers: six sycamore coffins for baboons, monkeys, dogs. Ptolemaic, Late/Ptolemaic and undated. Saqqara, cf. Gaillard and Daressy 1905; also Maspero 1902:283) ; two cedar coffins for cats, undated (Gaillard and Daressy 1905: 132-133, Pl. LVII); wood and bronze cat container, undated (Gaillard and Daressy 1905: 134); cat coffin of sycamore, undated (Gaillard and Daressy 1905: 134, Pl. LVIII); three shrew coffins and one shrew coffin lid of cedar, Abu Roash, undated (Gaillard and Daressy 1905: 136, 137, Pl. LIX); sycamore coffin for reclining cow (Gaillard and Daressy 1905: 137, Pl. LIX); two sycamore coffins for birds of prey, Akhmîm, Roman? (Gaillard and Daressy 1905: 141, Pl. LX); sycamore coffin for raptor, Akhmîm, Roman (Nero) (Gaillard and Daressy 1905: 142, Pls LXI-LXIII); three sycamore coffins for raptors, one Ptolemaic, Akhmîm (Gaillard and Daressy 1905: 145, 146); rectangular cedar coffin from Assasif, undated, carved representation on lid of crocodile or shrew (Gaillard and Daressy 1905: 153, Pl. LXVI); serpent coffin of sycamore, undated (Gaillard and Daressy 1905: 153); cat-shaped sarcophagus of sycamore, undated; cat-shaped coffin of sycamore, from Gurna, undated (cf. Reeves and Taylor 1992:86); hawk-shaped coffin of wood and resin, undated, Arab el-Tawailah (Heliopolis).

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