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Bois travaillé du Ier au XVe sc.1st to 15th century worked wood

Iwona Zych

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GIRGIS, Girgis Daoud
The ancient door of St. Barbara Church in Misr Al-Qadeima
Société d’Archéologie Copte, Le Caire | Cairo, 2003, p. 7-8
Le Musée Copte | Coptic Museum (Le CaireCairo)

[301, 500]
figuier sycomore sycamore fig (lat. Ficus sycomorus L.)
noyer walnut (lat. Juglans regia)
Door from St. Barbara Church, now at Coptic Museum, found during restoration in late 20th century.
Dating here after the author; subject of recent debate.
Two sides of sycamore wood with a filling of walnut (Pl. I). Lower parts decayed due to humidity.
Carving decoration on one side, from top:
- upper part: Christ half-figure surrounded by laurel, carried by two angels and backed by two columns with an open curtain. Also drawing of the apostles and of two doves down the laurel (Pl. IVb)
- two carvings: Christ enthroned with halo around head inside shell (Pl. IIIa) and St Mark the Apostle seated on throne and with shell behind his head (Pl. IIIb).
- Christ in glory (Pl. IIb) and Holy Virgin (Pl. IIa), both enthroned, with the twelve disciplines around them.
Carving decoration on other side: vine coming out of flower pots (Pl. Ib).
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