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Bois travaillé du Ier au XVe sc.1st to 15th century worked wood

Iwona Zych

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VERMEULE, Cornelius
Bench and table supports: Roman Egypt and beyond
SIMPSON, William Kelly ; DAVIS, Whitney M.
Studies in Ancient Egypt, the Aegean and the Sudan. Essays in Honor of Dows Durham on the occasion of his 90th Birthday, June 1, 1980
Museum of Fine Arts, Department of Egyptian and Ancient Near Eastern Art, Boston, MA., 1981, p. 180-192
Brussels Museum (BruxellesBrussels)

[-301, 1]
No. 28B. (p. 182, 187, Fig. 16): wooden three-legged table, water birds above, three-clawed feet below, Hellenistic (cf. G. Richter, A Handbook of Greek Art, 377, Fig. 503); also J. Liversidge, Furniture in Roman Britain, London 1955, 47=48, Figs 62 (one leg), 63 (reconstruction from fragments); p. 184: “imaginative variations on the three-legged, animal-footed circular or rectangular table became popular as a form in wood and survived to the Late Antique period in so-called Coptic funerary reliefs of painted limestone.”
For selection of limestone funerary stelae with similar, usually feline-headed, three-legged tables in undercut relief or with this part of the scene incised and painted, J.M. Eisenberg, A Catalog of Late Egyptian and Coptic Sculptures, New York 1960, 31-34, Nos 51-54, from Kom Abou Billou (Terenuthis) and of Edgar’s “Delta class”, cf. C.C. Edgar, Catalogue général des antiquitées égyptiennes du Musée du Caire, XIII, Greek Sculpture, Cairo, 1903, XI-XV,38, No. 27538, Pl. XX, etc., in wood (65-66, No. 27602), more stylized head of panther or lioness.

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