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Bois travaillé du Ier au XVe sc.1st to 15th century worked wood

Iwona Zych

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KEMP, Barry
Tell el-Amarna, 2006-7
JEA 93
Egypt Exploration Society, Londres | London, 2007, p. 52-53

[-1550, -1050]
acacia acacia (lat. Acacia spp.)
figuier sycomore sycamore fig (lat. Ficus sycomorus L.)
Mimusops schimperi persea (lat. Mimusops schimperi)
saule willow (lat. Salix spp.)
tamaris désertique desert tamarisk (lat. Tamarix aphylla L.Karst.)
dattier du désert sugar date palm (lat. Balanites aegyptiaca)
acacia nilotique Nile acacia (lat. Acacia nilotica L.)
palmier doum dom palm (lat. Hyphaena thebaica)
eédre cedar (lat. Cedrus)
étude sur l’identification du bois wood identification studies
(pp. 52-53):
Information interesting for the wood taxa studies: Faidherbia albida, Leptadenia pyrotechnica, Zilla spinosa and date stones in the charcoal from the Stone Village in Tell el-Amarna (Pharaonic date); assemblages highly dominated by wood of the Nile acacia, which represents an excellent fuel, burning steadily and slow with high calorific value. The other main source of fuel in ancient Egypt was the tamarisk, which is of poorer quality than acacia wood, burning more quickly and with smoke.
No remnants of timber imports identified in the charcoal material.
Two desiccated pieces of cedar wood, fragments of woody dôm-palm nuts, date stones.
Egypte Egypt Tell el-Amarna consommation

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