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Bois travaillé du Ier au XVe sc.1st to 15th century worked wood

Iwona Zych

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GROSSMANN, Peter ; MOHAMED, Mahmoud Ali
On the recently excavated monastic buildings in Dayr Anba Shinuda: Archaeological report
Société d’Archéologie Copte, Le Caire | Cairo, 1991, p. 53-63

[601, 700]
palmier dattier date palm (lat. Phoenix dactylifera)
(p. 56)
Closing device recorded in the western, rear entrance, which was sufficiently well preserved. Long deep slot in the inner left side of the door jamb for housing a thick movable beam. When needed, this beam was pulled out from this slot to block the door from inside.[note 4: Karanis parallels, cf. Husselman 1979: 44ff., pl. 8, 12f, 15].
(p. 58)
Reconstruction of sleeping places for monks in the form of mats spread on the ground or simple wooden constructions lined up along the walls.
For monk’s beds, see note 9: J. Leipoldt, Schenute von Atripe (Leipzig 1903) 98 no. 1, based on Coptic word, cf. E. Crum, Catalogue of Coptic manuscripts in the British Museum (London 1905) no. 169 p. 58, but there is no idea what these beds looked like.
Mentions bed found in a room (diaconicon?) south of the sanctuary of Church E87 in Madinat Mādi (ancient Narmuthis) in Fayum, made of three long cut palm stems placed side by side and covered with parts of a well-manufactured mat of carefully cut rush leaves (juncaceae) as well as some fragments of blankets, cf. P. Grossmann, Egitto e Vicino Oriente 10, 1987, 10.
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