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Bibliographie de la préhistoire et de la protohistoire de l’Égypte et du Nord du SoudanBibliography of the Prehistory and the Early Dynastic period of Egypt and northern Sudan

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[16998] 2020 Zaky, A.S.; Kashima, K.; Frontalini, F.; Ibrahim, M.I.A.; Khalifa, M.M.; Fukumoto, Y.; Gad, D. & Beling, H.
Mid-to late Holocene paleoclimatic changes and paleoenvironmental shifts inferred from pollen and diatom assemblages at Lake Hamra, Wadi El Natrun (western Nile delta, north western Egypt)
Quaternary International 542 109-120
[16980] 2020 Tristant, Y.
L'occupation humaine dans le delta du Nil au Ve et IVe millénaires. Approche géoarchéologique à partir de la région de Samara (delta oriental)
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Timing and stepwise transitions of the African Humid Period from geochemical proxies in the Nile deep-sea fan sediments
Quaternary Science Reviews 228 106071
[16768] 2020 Hamdan, M.A.; Flower, R.J.; Hassan, F.A.; Leroy, S.A.G.
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Journal of African Earth Sciences 167 103864
[16767] 2020 Hamdan, M.A.; Flower, R.J.; Hassan, F.A.; Hassan, S.M.
The Holocene history of the Faiyum lake (Egypte) based on sediment characteristics, diatoms and ostracods contents
Journal of Great Lakes Research 46,3 456-475
[16689] 2020 Bunbury, J.; Ikram, S.; Roughley, C.
Holocene large lake development and desiccation: Changing habits in the Kharga basin of the Egyptian Sahara
Geoarchaeology 35 467-486
[16933] 2019 Proussakov, D.B.
[The hypothesis of the "land of outpouring the river": On the Prehistory of the first cataract in the context of hydrology of the Mid-Holocene Nile] [Russian]
[Bulletin of the Institute of Oriental Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences] 3,9 12-31
[16917] 2019 Pennington, B.T.; Hamdan, M.A.; Pears, B.R.; Sameh, H.I.
Aridification of the Egyptian Sahara 5000-4000 cal BP revealed from x-ray fluorescence analysis of Nile delta sediments at Kom al-Ahmar/Kom Wasit
Quaternary International 514 108-118
[16828] 2019 Kleindienst, M.R.
Pleistocene geoarchaeological surveys, Kharga Oasis Prehistory Project (KOPP), 2001-2011 plus others, western desert of Egypt
The Oasis Papers 9. A tribute to Anthony J. Mills after forty years of research in Dakhleh oasis. Proceedings of the Ninth International Conference of the Dakhleh Oasis Projects 37-88
[16769] 2019 Hamdan, M.A.; Hassan, F.A.; Flower, R.J.; Leroy, S.A.G.; Shallaly, N.A.; Flynn, A.
Source of Nile sediments in the floodplain at Saqqara inferred from mineralogical, geochemical, and pollen data, and their palaeoclimatic and geoarchaeological significance
Quatenary International 501,B 272-288
[16688] 2019 Bunbury, J.
The Nile and ancient Egypt. Changing land- and waterscapes from the Neolithic to the Roman era
[16685] 2019 Broodbank, C.; Lucarini, G.
The dynamics of Mediterranean Africa, ca. 9600-1000 BC: an interpetative synthesis of knowns and unknowns
Journal of Mediterranean Archaeology 32,2 195-267
[16827] 2018 Kleindienst, M.R.
Pleistocene geoarchaeological surveys, Kharga Oasis Prehistory Project, 2001-2011
Ninth International Conference of the Dakhleh Oasis Project. Monash University Centre, Prato, Italy, 10th-13th June 2018. Abstracts 13
[16789] 2018 Henselowsk, F.; Almoazamy, A.; Fawaz, S.; Khairy, H.; Kindermann, K.; Eichstädter, R.; Klahre, N.; Schepers, C.; Lammerich-Long, D.; Klasen, N.; Kehl, M.; Bubenzer, O.
A new cave site at the limestone hogback of Gebel Duwi. Interdisciplinary approaches to study palaeoenvironmental changes in the central eastern desert of Egypt
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The long-distance exchange of amazonite and increasing social complexity in the Sudanese Neolithic
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Palaeolimnological evidence for the development of an early Holocene lake in the Faiyum depression, Egypt
A river runs through it. Studies in honour of professor Fekri A. Hassan on the occasion of his 75th birthday. GHP Egyptology 29 38-54
[16313] 2018 Czarnowicz, M.
Eastern Nile delta's landscape at the dawn of dynastic age
Eastern Nile delta in the 4th millennium BC 41-46
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A research design to investigate the Fayum Neolithic
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Molluscs and ostracods of the Qarun lake: Preliminary report from FA-1 core in Faiyum oasis, northern Egypt
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Pleistocene deposits in the southern Egyptian Sahara: Lithostratigraphic relationships of sediments and landscape dynamics at Bir Tarfawi
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Holocene lake and shallow water sediments at Mograt Island, Sudan
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