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Bibliographie de l’Égypte des OriginesEarly Egypt Bibliography

Bibliographie de la préhistoire et de la protohistoire de l’Égypte et du Nord du SoudanBibliography of the Prehistory and the Early Dynastic period of Egypt and northern Sudan

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[17488] 2022 Oron, M.
The flint assemblage from Ashqelon Afridar, Area N
Atiqot 107 29-33
[17362] 2022 Ktalav, I.
Molluscs from the Early Bronze Age site at Ashqelon Afridar, Area N
Atiqot 107 39-42
[17244] 2022 Golani, A.
Ashqelon Barneʻa. The Early Bronze Age site II: The finds
IAA Reports 70
[17243] 2022 Golani, A.
The Early Bronze Age site of Ashqelon Afridar, Area N
Atiqot 107 1-27
[17560] 2021 Speck, S.
A seal for the deceased? Early Dynastic cylinder seals bearing the offering scene re-examined
Egypt at its Origins 6. Proceedings of the Sixth International Conference "Origin of the State. Predynastic and Early Dynastic Egypt", Vienna, 10th - 15th September 2017. OLA 303 697-719
[17502] 2021 Paz, Y.; Segal, O.; Gophna, R.; Liphshitz, S. & Cohen-Weinberger, A.
The Early Bronze Age IB burials in the Chalcolithic–Early Bronze Age I cemetery in the Palmaḥim Quarry
Atiqot 103 1-43
[17501] 2021 Paz, Y.; Elad, I. & Cohen-Weinberger, A.
Three Egyptian serekh-like incisions found on one vessel at the Early Bronze age IB city of 'En Esur, Israel
Journal of Ancient Egyptian Interconnections 29 52-66
[17361] 2021 Ktalav, I.
Molluscs from the Early Bronze Age I site at Ashqelon, Afridar (Area E-2) 
Atiqot 103 107-110
[17245] 2021 Golani, A. & Shimson Paran, N.
An Early Bronze Age I site at Ashqelon, Afridar (Area E-2)
Atiqot 103 45-89
[17071] 2021 Braun, E.
Chronological correlations: South Levantine EB1 and Egypt in light of new radiocarbon dates from Arad
Egypte antérieure. Mélanges de préhistoire et d'archéologie offerts à Béatrix Midant-Reynes par ses étudiants, collègues et amis. OLA 304 81-111
[17027] 2021 Avrutis, V.W. & Braun, E.
Imported artefacts from Early Bronze I tombs at Nesher-Ramla, Israel and their chronological significance
Remove that pyramid. Studies on the archaeology and history of Predynastic and Pharaonic Egypt in honour of Stan Hendrickx. OLA 305 49-64
[17594] 2020 Vandenbeusch, M.
Sur les pas de l'âne dans la religion égyptienne
[17517] 2020 Regev, J.; Paz, S.; Greenberg, R. & Boaretto, E.
Radiocarbon chronology of the EB I–II and II–III transitions at Tel Bet Yerah, and its implications for the nature of social change in the southern Levant
Levant 51,1 54-75
[17476] 2020 Nigro, L.; Gallo, E.; Gharib, R.; Mura, F.; Macri, M. & Rinaldi, T.
An Egyptian green schist palette and an amazonite gemstone from the "Palace of the copper axes" at Batrawy, Jordan
Vicino Oriente 24 1-26
[17279] 2020 Heagy, T.C.
Scorpion II: A new theory
Archéo-Nil 30 97-122
[17258] 2020 Greenberg, R. & Iserlis, M.
A note on First Dynasty Egypt, Tel Bet Yerah, and the origins of commodity exchange on the Levantine seaboard
Journal of Ancient Egyptian Interconnections 27 38-50
[16649] 2020 Avrutis, V.W.
Imported artefacts from an Early Bronze Age I burial ground at Nesher-Ramla quarry (el-Khirbe). Two cases of interregional goods' transactions
From the Prehistory of Upper Mesopotamia to the Bronze and Iron Age societies of the Levant. Vol. 1 Proceedings of the 5th "Broadening Horizons" conference (Udine 5-8 June 2017) 185-200
[17242] 2019 Golani, A.
Ashqelon Barneʻa. The Early Bronze Age site I: The excavations
IAA Reports 65
[17148] 2019 Daizo, M.B.; Jaruf, P.; Milevski, I.; Campagno, M. & Gandulla, B.
Urbanización y relaciones inter-regionales en el Cercano Oriente: Las excavaciones en Tel Erani, un sitio del Bronce Antiguo I en el Levante meridional
Libro de Resúmenes XX Congreso Nacional de Arqueología Argentina: 50 años de arqueologías 916-919
[17097] 2019 Campagno, M.
Reflexiones sobre la presencia egipcia en el Levante meridional a finales del período del Bronce Temprano I (ca. 3300-3000 a.C.): A propósito de Tel Erani
TdE 10 49-62
[16887] 2019 Milevski, I.; Campagno, M.; Gandulla, B.; Jaruf, P.; Daizo, M.B.; Czarnowicz, M.; Ochał-Czarnowicz, A.; Karmowski, J.; Yegorov, D.; Cohen-Sasson, E.; Yekutieli, Y.
Tel Erani, Israel: Reporte de la campana arqueologica de 2018 y sus antecedentes
RIHAO 20 5-22
[16804] 2019 Iserlis, M.; Steiniger, D.; Greenberg, R.
Contact between First Dynasty Egypt and specific sites in the Levant: New evidence from ceramic analysis
JAS Reports 24 1023-1040
[16728] 2019 Daizo, M.B.
Circulación de bienes entre Egipto y el Levante meridional en el IV mileniu a.C. Una aproximación desde los recientes hallazgos arqueologicós en Tell el-Farkha y Tel Erani
RIHAO 20 23-51
[16727] 2019 Czarnowicz, M.; Braun, E.
Observations on the stratigraphic attribution of the Early Bronze age pillared building in Area D at Tel 'Erani, Israel
BASOR 382 17-32
[16717] 2019 Ciałowicz, K.M.
Once more the first kings of Egypt
Stories told around the fountain. Papers offered to Piotr Bielinski on his 70th birthday 205-220