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Bibliographie de la préhistoire et de la protohistoire de l’Égypte et du Nord du SoudanBibliography of the Prehistory and the Early Dynastic period of Egypt and northern Sudan

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[16856] 2019 Mączyńska, A.; Chłodnicki, M.; Ciałowicz, K.M. (eds.)
Tell el-Farkha. 20 years of Polish excavations
[16855] 2019 Mączyńska, A.
[The origins of Lower Egyptian Neolithic pottery] [Polish, English summary]
Fontes Archaeologici Posnanienses 55 7-32
[16854] 2019 Mączyńska, A.
Bone implements
Tell el-Farkha. 20 years of Polish excavations 110-113
[16853] 2019 Mączyńska, A.
Tell el-Farkha. 20 years of Polish excavations 74-81
[16852] 2019 Mączyńska, A.
Seals and potmarks
Tell el-Farkha. 20 years of Polish excavations 68-73
[16851] 2019 Mączyńska, A.
Studyworks & conservation
Tell el-Farkha. 20 years of Polish excavations 28-35
[16850] 2019 Mączyńska, A.
The Neolithic in the green Sahara
When the Sahara was green. Polish research on the Prehistory of north Africa 109-114
[16849] 2019 Lynda Trouvé
Vase lenticulaire. Goblet tronconique. Gobelet. Petite palette. Vase à panse ovoide. Vase tonnelet. Vase tonnelet. Vase lenticulaire. Lot de trois gobelets. Vase zoomorphe. Vase lenticulaire. Vase ovoïde. Tête d'oiseau. Deux hauts vases tubulaires. Lot de deux vases. Vase zoomorphe. Importante coupe. Tête anthropomorphe. Important modèle de barque. Modèle de barque.
Bijoux & collections Japon - Chine - Egypte - Proche-Orient - Argenterie - Dessins et tableaux - Mobilier. Lundi 2 décembre 2019. Hôtel Drouot n° 291-312, 379
[16846] 2019 Lopez, K.A.; Godde, K.
Ancient Egyptian health: The prevalence of anemia at the origins of agriculture and state level society
Homo 70,3 217-224
[16845] 2019 Lityńska-Zając, M.
History of flora and the use of plants in the western desert
When the Sahara was green. Polish research on the Prehistory of north Africa 13-20
[16843] 2019 Lesur, J.
La faune prédynastique est elle "africaine" ?
Archéo-Nil 29 101-113
[16842] 2019 Lesur, J.
Emploi et symbolisme des cornes de bovins au Protodynastique. Exemples d'Abou Rawach
Creatures of earth, water and sky. Essays on animals in ancient Egypt and Nubia 211-220
[16841] 2019 Le Quellec, J.-L.
Egypte, Afrique, Sahara: Arts rupestres et mythologies
Archéo-Nil 29 81-100
[16840] 2019 Langlois, O.; Durrenmath, G.; Khalidi, L.; Karrar, H.K.A.; Cez, L.; Gourichon, L.; Sambo, H.; Pruvost, C.
Chronicle of a destruction foretold: A belated reassessment of the preservation status of Neolithic habitation sits in the Kadruka concession (Northern Dongola Reach, Sudan)
Sudan & Nubia 23 61-67
[16839] 2019 Lajs, K.
Evolution of ancient Egyptian bifacial flint knives. A view from the settlement in Tell el-Murra
Studies in Ancient Art and Civilization 23 7-27
[16838] 2019 Kwiecinski, J.M.
Depictions of crocodiles and scorpions in Predynastic and Early Dynastic Egypt: The case of the Abydos flint animals
GM 257 97-108
[16837] 2019 Kuronuma, T.
Displayed graves: A study of Predynastic Naqada burials as the device for mortuary ceremony
Invisible archaeologies. Hidden aspects of daily life in ancient Egypt and Nubia 96-112
[16835] 2019 Kuhn, R.
(Wieder-)Entdeckung. Eine ritzverzierte Schminkpalette aus Naqada aus dem Ägyptischen Museum und Papyrussammlung Berlin
En détail - Philologie und Archäologie im Diskurs. Zeitschrift für Ägyptische Sprache und Altertums 531-547
[16833] 2019 Kozma, C.
Bones and art narrate the history of dwars in ancient Egypt
Annals of Orthopaedics, Trauma and Rehabilitation 2,2 1-9
[16832] 2019 Köhler, E.C.
Abydos - Umm el-Qaab: Abydos und die ersten Könige Ägyptens
Archäologie in Ägypten 5 44-45
[16828] 2019 Kleindienst, M.R.
Pleistocene geoarchaeological surveys, Kharga Oasis Prehistory Project (KOPP), 2001-2011 plus others, western desert of Egypt
The Oasis Papers 9. A tribute to Anthony J. Mills after forty years of research in Dakhleh oasis. Proceedings of the Ninth International Conference of the Dakhleh Oasis Projects 37-88
[16826] 2019 Kindermann, K.
Couteau bifacial
Archéologie française en Egypte. Recherche, cooperation, innovation. Bibliothèque Générale 59 87
[16824] 2019 Kelly, S.
Women's work in the Early Dynastic period
PES 23 92-105
[16821] 2019 Kapustka, K.; Lisá, L.; Bajer, A.; Buriánek, D.; Varadzin, L.; Varadzinová, L.
Gouges: Iconic artifacts of the Early Neolithic period in central Sudan
AAR 36 505-534
[16820] 2019 Kalloniatis, F.
Varia: Predynastic figure. Predynastic figure. Ground axehead. Cube head
The Egyptian collection at Norwich Castle Museum: Catalogue and essays 308-309, cat. n° 386-389