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Bibliographie de la préhistoire et de la protohistoire de l’Égypte et du Nord du SoudanBibliography of the Prehistory and the Early Dynastic period of Egypt and northern Sudan

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[16904] 2019 Orekov, R.A.
[Memphis and formation of the Egyptian state] [Russian]
Problemy istorii, filologii, kul'tury 2019,1 238-257
[16901] 2019 Oliver Forge Brendan Lynch
The 'Bally' vase. An important Egyptian Predynastic serpentine jar from the collection of Eduard Bally (1847-1926)
[16900] 2019 Oliver Forge Brendan Lynch
Flint knife. Greywacke rectangular palette. Greywacke rectangular palette. Breccia twin-handled vase. Breccia twin-handled vase. Alabaster vase. Cylindrical red pottery vase. Cylindrical pottery vase. Basalt twin-handled vase
Works of art from the ancient world n° 3-11
[16898] 2019 Nassr, A.H.; Jadain, M.A.
Archaeological investigations of the Sabaloka East Project seasons 2017-2018, Sudan
Mitteilungen der Sudanarchäologischen Gesellschaft zu Berlin e.V 30 71-86
[16896] 2019 Müller, V.
Re-investigating the Turah cemetery
CIPEG e-News 11 7
[16895] 2019 Müller, V.
A history of millennia: The configuration of a cultic landscape around the tomb of king Den at Umm el-Qa'ab, Abydos
Abydos: The sacred land at the western horizon. British Museum Publications on Egypt and Sudan 8 215-234
[16894] 2019 Morris, E.F.
Ancient Egyptian exceptionalism: Fragility, flexibility and the art of not collapsing
The evolution of fragility: Setting the terms 61-87
[16890] 2019 Miniaci, G.; Rigault, P.
A Predynastic necropolis in the Louvre: Cemetery M of Zawyet Sultan
Egyptian Archaeology 54 32-35
[16889] 2019 Million
Palette à fard. Vase ovale. Vase panse lenticulaire. Important vase à panse tronconique
Archéologie et préhistoire. Les grandes collections. Lundi 27 mai 2019. Hôtel Drouot, Paris n° 109-110, 114, 153
[16888] 2019 Miller, J.
Tracking serpopards from Hierakonpolis onwards
Nekhen News 31 24-25
[16887] 2019 Milevski, I.; Campagno, M.; Gandulla, B.; Jaruf, P.; Daizo, M.B.; Czarnowicz, M.; Ochał-Czarnowicz, A.; Karmowski, J.; Yegorov, D.; Cohen-Sasson, E.; Yekutieli, Y.
Tel Erani, Israel: Reporte de la campana arqueologica de 2018 y sus antecedentes
RIHAO 20 5-22
[16886] 2019 Midant-Reynes, B.; Buchez, N.
Naqadian expansion: A review of the question based on the necropolis of Kom el-Khilgan
Archéo-Nil 29 129-156
[16885] 2019 Midant-Reynes, B.
Une nouvelle attestation d'Iry-Hor dans le delta: Tell el-Iswid
Sur les pistes du désert. Mélanges offerts à Michel Valloggia 157-169
[16884] 2019 Midant-Reynes, B.
Archéo-Nil 29 7-14
[16883] 2019 Miatello, L.
When glyphs hide volumes: On capacity measures of the Archaic period and the Old Kingdom
GM 259 165-184
[16882] 2019 Meyrat, P.
Une inovation de l'Horus Den: L'uraeus au front du roi
Sur les pistes du désert. Mélanges offerts à Michel Valloggia 145-156
[16877] 2019 McNamara, L.
Human statuettes from the Hierakonpolis 'Main Deposit'
Nekhen News 31 15-17
[16876] 2019 McNamara, L.
Ashmolean object in focus: The Narmer mace-head
Nekhen News 31 10-11
[16873] 2019 McDonald, M.M.A.
The Holocene Prehistory of Dakhleh and Kharga oases: The Masara and Bashendi cultural units
The Oasis Papers 9. A tribute to Anthony J. Mills after forty years of research in Dakhleh oasis. Proceedings of the Ninth International Conference of the Dakhleh Oasis Projects 89-93
[16871] 2019 Maydana, S.F.; Jaruf, P.
Orden y caos en el mundo salvaje. Comparando representaciones visuales sobre la relación entre humanos y animales en el Levante meridional y Egipto (Vº-IVº milenio a.C.)
Poder y cultura en el antiguo Egipto. Contribuciones a la reflexion historica sobre el valle del Nilo y sus periferias 14-37
[16869] 2019 Maydana, S.F.
Tres escenas inéditas de cacería en petroglifos Predinásticos de Wadi Abu Subeira (Desierto Oriental, Egipto)
RIHAO 20 141-146
[16865] 2019 Masojć, M.; Schild, R.
Research on the Paleolithic of Egypt and Sudan
When the Sahara was green. Polish research on the Prehistory of north Africa 49-58
[16864] 2019 Masojć, M.; Nassr, A.; Kim, J.Y.; Krupa-Kurzynowska, J.; Sohn, Y.K; Szmit, M.; Kim, J.C.; Kim, J.S.; Choi, H.W.; Wieczorek, M.; Timmermann, A.
Saharan green corridors and Middle Pleistocene hominin dispersals across the Eastern Desert, Sudan
Journal of Human Evolution 130 141-150
[16863] 2019 Masojć, M.; Nassr, A.
EDAR, eastern desert, Sudan
When the Sahara was green. Polish research on the Prehistory of north Africa 59-62
[16862] 2019 Masojć, M.
Bayuda desert, Sudan
When the Sahara was green. Polish research on the Prehistory of north Africa 85-90