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Bibliographie de la préhistoire et de la protohistoire de l’Égypte et du Nord du SoudanBibliography of the Prehistory and the Early Dynastic period of Egypt and northern Sudan

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[17026] 2021 Attia, E.A.E.; Malleson, C.; Fahmy, A.G. & Lucarini, G.
New data on plant use in the eastern Sahara: The macro-remain assemblage from Sheikh el-Obeiyid villages and Bir el-Obeiyid Playa, Farafra oasis, Egyptian western desert
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[17025] 2021 Ashmawy, A.A.
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Tell Basta before the Old Kingdom: A newly discovered cemetery from the Early Dynastic settlement
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[17019] 2021 Anselin, A.
La tombe, l'image et le mot: Systèmes de signes, interférences et entrée en scène de la langue dans la culture funéraire des élites naqadiennes de l'Egypte antique
Remove that pyramid. Studies on the archaeology and history of Predynastic and Pharaonic Egypt in honour of Stan Hendrickx. OLA 305 3-28
[17018] 2021 Anselin, A.
Du terrain des mots aux mots du terrain
Egypte antérieure. Mélanges de préhistoire et d'archéologie offerts à Béatrix Midant-Reynes par ses étudiants, collègues et amis. OLA 304 1-41
[17010] 2021 Alarcón Robledo, S.
Reconstructing the plan of Early Dynastic north Saqqara
The 72nd annual meeting of the American Research Center in Egypt. April 22-25 2021. Virtual 64
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Survival kit for the afterlife or instruction manual for prehistorians? Staging artefact production in Middle Neolithic cemetery Kadruka 23, Upper Nubia, Sudan
Antiquity 95 project gallery e31
[18032] 2020 Williams, M.
Holocene environments in Northeast Africa
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[18027] 2020 Vergnieux, R.
Les "hommes barbus" de Lyon
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The ancient Near East in transregional perspective: Material culture and exchange between Mesopotamia, the Levant and Lower Egypt from 5800 to 5200 calBC
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Facing the face - The construction of the frontal face in Prehistoric and ancient two- and three-dimensional images
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[17945] 2020 Proussakov, D.B.
[Hypothesis of the “Land of Outpouring of the River”: On Prehistory of the First Cataract in the context of hydrology of the Mid-Holocene Nile. Part II] [Russian]
[Journal of the Institute of Oriental Studies RAS] [Russian] 2020,1 12-32
[17944] 2020 Proussakov, D.B.
[Hypothesis of the “Land of Outpouring of the River”: On Prehistory of the First Cataract in the context of hydrology of the Mid-Holocene Nile. Part III] [Russian]
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The tri-lobed disc in the tomb of Sabu and the basins at the sun temple were for beer
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From hunters to herders: The Libyan Desert in prehistoric times
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Digging diary 2020
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Travelling in space and time: Naqada in the archive
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Les colonies égyptiennes du Levant sud au Bronze ancien I
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