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Bibliographie de la préhistoire et de la protohistoire de l’Égypte et du Nord du SoudanBibliography of the Prehistory and the Early Dynastic period of Egypt and northern Sudan

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[16809] 2020 Jórdeczka, M.; Chłodnicki, M.; Sobkowiak-Tabaka, I.; Stanaszek, L.M.
Rebirth in the afterlife: Neolithic pot burials from Khor Shambat, Sudan
Azania 55,1 44-68
[16793] 2020 Holl, A.F.C.
Late Pleistocene hardship mortuary evidence from Wadi Kubbaniya and Jebel Sahaba
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Dust, demons and pots. Studies in honour of Colin A. Hope. OLA 289 279-304
[16784] 2020 Hendrickx, S.
Mea culpa after 40 years, a mutilated body in grave 77 of the Naqada III cemetery at Elkab
Cahiers Caribéens d'Egyptologie 24-25 165-178
[16783] 2020 Heiss, A.G.; Berihuete Azorin, M.; Antolin, F.; Kubiak-Martens, L.; Marinova, E.; Arendt, E.K.; Biliaderis, C.G.; Kretschmer, H.; Lazaridou, A.; Stika, H.-P.; Zarnkow, M.; Baba, M.; Bleicher, N.; Ciałowicz, K.M.; Chłodnicki, M.; Matuschik, I.; Schlichterle, H.; Valamoti, S.M.
Mashes to mashes, crust to crust. Presenting a novel microstructural marker for malting the archaeological record
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An early Egyptian king in the western desert margin
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Geochemical and palynological analysis of Faiyum lake sediments, Egypt: Implications for Holocene paleoclimate
Journal of African Earth Sciences 167 103864
[16767] 2020 Hamdan, M.A.; Flower, R.J.; Hassan, F.A.; Hassan, S.M.
The Holocene history of the Faiyum lake (Egypte) based on sediment characteristics, diatoms and ostracods contents
Journal of Great Lakes Research 46,3 456-475
[16763] 2020 Grajetzki, W.
The Predynastic and Early Dynastic period
The people of the Cobra Province in Egypt: A local history, 4500 to 1500 BC 51-83
[16759] 2020 Ginau, A.; Steiniger, D.; Hartmann, R.; Hartung, U.; Schiestl, R.; Altmeyer, M.; Seeliger, M.; Wunderlich, J.
What settlements leave behind - pXRF compositional data analysis of archaeological layers from Tell el-Fara'in (Buto, Egypt) using machine learning
Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology 546 109666
[16736] 2020 Di Pietro, G.A.
Naqada seen through the archives of the IUO Italian archaeological mission (1977-1986)
The many histories of Naqada. Archaeology and heritage in an Upper Egyptian region. GHP Egyptology 56-68
[16724] 2020 Cox, J.
Changing aesthetics: Petrie's Decorated ware in the Naqada II and III periods
Dust, demons and pots. Studies in honour of Colin A. Hope. OLA 289 97-112
[16722] 2020 Collin du Bocage
Lot composé d'un vase ovoïde fragmentaire, d'une coupelle hémisphérique et d'un vase tronconique. Palette à fard fragmentaire
Dessins-tableaux, emaux, céramique, argenterie, haute époque, mobilier-objets d'art, tapisserie. Jeudi 19 mars 2020. Drouot Richelieu n° 175, 179
[16704] 2020 Charles Ede Ltd
Egyptian lug handled jar
Catalogue 200 4
[16697] 2020 Castillos, J.J.
Peasants in ancient Egypt
GM 260 43-52
[16694] 2020 Campbell, R.A.
Reinterpreting human sacrifice in ancient Egypt: New conclusions from old data
Program of the 89th annual meeting of the American Association of Physical Anthropologists, April 15-18, 2020. American Journal of Physical Anthropology, 171,S69 42
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Holocene large lake development and desiccation: Changing habits in the Kharga basin of the Egyptian Sahara
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[16681] 2020 Brémont, A.; Boudes, Y.; Thuault, S.; Ben Saad, M.
Appréhender les catégories zoologiques en anthropologie historique: Enjeux méthodologiques et épistémologiques
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[16680] 2020 Brémont, A.
Un éléphant, ça trompe énormément ... Animal fantastique ou perte de référent de Loxodonta africana en Egypte au Pré- et Protodynastique (IVe-IIIe millénaires)
Caractérisation, continuités et discontinuités des manifestations graphiques des sociétés prehistor 89-107
[16660] 2020 Begon, M.
Une probable représentation de la reine Meret-Neith en tant que régente du roi Den
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Watery Egyptian landscapes and performances within them
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Imported artefacts from an Early Bronze Age I burial ground at Nesher-Ramla quarry (el-Khirbe). Two cases of interregional goods' transactions
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Les catégories de canidés dans l'écriture hiéroglyphique, leur vocabulaire et leurs graphies
Cahiers Caribéens d'Egyptologie 24-25 147-163
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The Naqada III-First Intermediate Period stratification
Excavations at Mendes. Vol. 2: The dromos and temple area 48-72
[17000] 2019 Zulian, M.
Egipto y los primeros "libios" (ca. 3200 a.C.). Una cuestion de fronteras
Poder y cultura en el antiguo Egipto. Contribuciones a la reflexion historica sobre el valle del Nilo y sus periferias 38-63