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Bibliographie de l’Égypte des OriginesEarly Egypt Bibliography

Bibliographie de la préhistoire et de la protohistoire de l’Égypte et du Nord du SoudanBibliography of the Prehistory and the Early Dynastic period of Egypt and northern Sudan

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[16756] 2018 Gatto, M.C.
The origin of urban societies in the Nile valley
Origini 42,2 177-192
[16754] 2018 Fritschy, W.
The pr-hd and the Early Dynastic state
JEA 104,2 161-176
[16713] 2018 Chłodnicki, M.; Ciałowicz, K.M., contr. Bąk-Pryc, G.; Dębowska-Ludwin, J.; Doros, U.; Kazimierczak, M.; Mączyńska, A.; Skłucki, J.; Sobas, M.; Szczepanek, A.
Polish excavations at Tell el-Farkha (Ghazala) in the Nile delta. Preliminary report 2014-2018
Archeologia 68 81-154
[16709] 2018 Chłodnicki, M.; Ciałowicz, K.M.
Tell el-Farkha. Archaeological fieldwork 2016-2017
Polish Archaeology in the Mediterranean 27,1 123-148
[16701] 2018 Charles Ede Ltd
Rippled bowl. Tall jar
Catalogue 197 10-13
[16699] 2018 Caubet, A.
Egypt: A world apart
Idols. The power of images 160-163
[16679] 2018 Bréand, G.
The corpus of potmarks from the Predynastic collection of the Musée d'archéologie nationale
Antiquités nationales 48 27-50
[16676] 2018 Brass, M.
Early north African cattle domestication and its ecological setting: A reassessment
Journal of World Prehistory 31 81-115
[16672] 2018 Bommas, M.; Khalifa, E.
Shallow bowls for mortuary meals from Tarkhan - Archaeology of the path towards the intellectual formation of the state in Early Dynastic Egypt
MDAIK 74 21-32
[16659] 2018 Begon, M.
Une mention d'Iry-Hor dans le sud du désert Oriental
NeHet 2 31-36
[16658] 2018 Begon, M.
Note sur la tablette MacGregor
NeHet 2 27-30
[16657] 2018 Basch, L.
Le "bateau-boomerang" prédynastique et la barque divine pharaonique
Archaeonautica 20 143-149
[16641] 2018 Allan, S.J.
Dark dynasty - A reanalysis of the Second Dynasty of ancient Egypt
Australasian Egyptology Conference 5. Schedule and abstracts. September 7-9, 2018, Auckland, New Zealand 10-11
[16636] 2018 Adams, M.J.
Egypt and the Levant in the 3rd millennium: Implications of the new radiocarbon chronology
The 69th annual meeting of the American Research Center in Egypt. April 20-22, 2018 Tucson, Arizona 18-19
[16566] 2018 Ziegler, C.; Boussalmi, M.
Catalogue. Thinite - Les premières dynasties
L'or des pharaons. 2500 ans d'orfèvrerie dans l'Egypte ancienne 143-145
[16565] 2018 Ziegler, C.
La découverte des trésors ensevelis des premières dynasties à la Troisième Période Intermédiaire
L'or des pharaons. 2500 ans d'orfèvrerie dans l'Egypte ancienne 71-112
[16564] 2018 Zerboni, A.; Salvatori, S.; Vignola, P. Mohammed, A.R.A.; Usai, D.
The long-distance exchange of amazonite and increasing social complexity in the Sudanese Neolithic
Antiquity 92, 365 1195-1209
[16563] 2018 Zampetti, D.
The Nubian rock art: History of the research
Standing on the shoulders of giants / Sulle spalle dei giganti. 20th international rock art congress IFRAO 2018. Valcamonica - Darfo Boario Terme (BS) Italy. Book of abstracts 157
[16561] 2018 Wordsworth, P.D.
Let's fly a kite: Getting a bird's-eye view of Hierakonpolis
Nekhen News 30 19
[16559] 2018 Winchell, F.; Brass, M.; Manzo, A.; Beldados, A.; Perna, V.; Murphy, C.; Stevens, C.; Fuller, D.Q.
On the origins and dissemination of domesticated sorghum and pearl millet across Africa and into India: A view from the Butana group of the far eastern Sahel
AAR 35,4 483-505
[16558] 2018 Willems, H.
"Cylinder seals for the lower classes" Ein Merkmal der Provinzkultur des ausgehenden Alten Reiches ?
ZÄS 145,2 187-204
[16556] 2018 Wendorf, S.; Alexander, E.; Bednar, A.C.
The Combined Prehistoric Expedition Foundation: A model for private support of archaeological research
Desert and the Nile. Prehistory of the Nile basin and the Sahara. Papers in honour of Fred Wendorf. Studies in African Archaeology 15 27-34
[16555] 2018 Wendorf, G.; Kabaciński, J.
Fred Wendorf's life in sixteen photos
Desert and the Nile. Prehistory of the Nile basin and the Sahara. Papers in honour of Fred Wendorf. Studies in African Archaeology 15 35-
[16554] 2018 Wegner, J.W.
The evolution of ancient Egyptian seals and sealing systems
Seals and sealing in the ancient world. Case studies from the Near East, Egypt, the Aegean, and South Asia 229-257
[16553] 2018 Walters, E.J.
More than a marked pot ? Late Predynastic evidence from temple-town Hierakonpolis
GM 255 163-174