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Griffith Institute
Sackler Library
1 St John Street
UK-Oxford, OX1 2LG
+44 (0)1865 278097
Razanajao (Vincent), Fleming (Elizabeth), Bosch-Puche (Francisco), Warsi (Cat)
Archives de nombreux égyptologues (voir inventaire ci-dessous : “The main records in the Archive of the Griffith Institute”)

Inventaires ou descriptions de fonds en ligne

Griffith Institute Archive
Griffith Institute Archive Current Projects
The main records in the Archive of the Griffith Institute
Last accessions
J. P. Simpson photographs
Portraits and manuscript images of handwriting of Egyptologists

Bases de données en ligne relatives à ces archives

Egyptian Mirage
Levantine Mirage
Tutankhamun : Anatomy of an Excavation, The Howard Carter Archives
An album of Howard Carter's watercolours of birds and animals
The "Journals" of Flinders Petrie (October 3, 1881 to May 8, 1882)
Journal of Lord Carnarvon's Excavations in the Valleys of the Tombs of the Kings

Publications imprimées en relation avec ces archives

WHELAN (P.), “The Marquis' excavations : a tale of two diaries”, p. 229-254, dans BETRO (M.) et GIANLUCA (M.) (ed.),Talking along the Nile : Ippolito Rosellini, travellers and scholars of the 19th century in Egypt. Proceedings of the international conference held on the occasion of the presentation of progetto Rosellini, Pisa, June 14-16, 2012, Pise, 2013
MALEK (J.), “We have the tombs. Who needs the archives ?”,, p. 229-243, dans Strudwick (N.) et Taylor (J. H.) (ed.), The Theban necropolis : past, present and future, Londres, 2003
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