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Adam Mestyan

mestyan at gm@ail do.t com

Histoire du Moyen-Orient contemporain

Maître de conférences

Duke University

Programme 19254 La fabrique du Caire moderne

PhD, 2011, Central European University
PhD, 2011, Eotvos Lorand University

l’égypte contemporaine

Shayḫ Muṣṭafā Salāma al-Nağğārī, The Gardens of Ismail’s Praise - The Historical Imagination of a Mid-Nineteenth-Century Sheikh in the Entourage of the Ottoman Governor of Egypt, Arabic-English bilingual edition.

Modern Arab Kingship (research in progress)

Property and Inequality in Modern Egypt (research in progress)

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21–23 September 2017. “Sovereignty and the Order of Succession in Arab National Monarchies, 1914-1936,” The Modern Invention of Dynasty conference, Research Institute for History and Cultures, University of Birmingham.
8-9 July 2016. “The Idea of Eastern Europe in the Ottoman Arab Provinces,” Imperial Comparison conference, Oxford University.
26 April 2016. “The Just Prince and the Nation.” Middle East Center, University of California, Berkeley.
26 August 2015. “Charity and Patriotism – The Case of the Ottoman Arab Middle Classes,” The Global Bourgeoisie conference, University of Cambridge.
10 April 2015. “ Celebrating ‘Id al-Fitr in nineteenth-century Ottoman Arab cities,” Dark Histories conference, British Institute in Ankara.
November, 2014. “Arab Monarchical Patriotism, 1831-1914,” MESA, Washington DC.
6 March 2014. “The Ottoman Imperial Opera House: Lost and Found,” Aga Khan Program for Islamic Architecture, Harvard University.
29 January 2014. “Harun al-Rashid under Occupation - The Khedive, the Opera House, and the Comité des Théâtres, 1882-1892,” IFAO, Cairo.
26-28 January 2014. “Globalization and Information: Early Arabic Journalism, 1828-1898,” (Re)thinking Global Connectedness: Critical Perspectives On Globalization, Texas A&M University at Qatar.
13-14 May 2013. “The Three Hajjs of Julius Germanus,” Europe and Hajj in the Age of Empires: Muslim Pilgrimage prior to the Influx of Migration, Leiden University, The Netherlands.
10 April, 2012. “The Politics of Syrian-Egyptian Theatre, 1880s,” The Middle East in World History: Global Connections and Comparisons, University of Cambridge, UK.
22-24 March, 2012.
11-13 December, 2011. “The Conversion Of Gyula (Julius) Germanus: The Making Of An Orientalist Muslim (1918-1941),” Transnational Islam in interwar Europe; Leiden University, The Netherlands.
7 December, 2011. Lecture/seminar: “The Civilizing Mission in the Theatre: The Adventures of Seraphin Manasse Between Istanbul, Paris, Cairo, Alexandria, and Izmir (1860s-1880s),” Wissenschaftskolleg zu Berlin, Germany.
11-12 November, 2011.

May 2019. "The Sources of Egyptian Urban History: Problems and Methods," workshop, Ifao, co-organized with Mercedes Volait.

April 2018. “Monarchy and Sovereignty in Twentieth-Century Asia,” An International Symposium, Global Asia Initiative, Duke University, co-organized by Prasenjit Duara and Adam Mestyan.

November 2017. “Urban Topography and Political Economy in the Middle East - A Digital Humanities Workshop Comparing Istanbul and Cairo,” An international Workshop in Digital Humanities in the Middle East, Duke University.

12 Novembre 2016 - "Indexing the Early Arabic Public Sphere - A Workshop and Events in Arabic Digital Humanities," Duke University.

October 2009 - "Musical societies and politics: Ottoman and early Republican Turkey in its European Context," Boğaziçi University, Istanbul, October 29-31, 2009