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Bulletin de l’Institut français d’archéologie orientale 101
2001 IFAO
23 p.
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Une désignation de la «face divine» [haout, haouty].

This article intends to look at the field of use of two related substantives, namely ḥȝwt and ḥȝwty, which both designate the divine face. The examples gathered here allow us to recognise various specific values. As evocation of a divine face, bearer of the uraei and of the crowns, the face ḥȝwt(y) appears in the private documentation as an object of piety. One wishes to «see» this divine face. It is also part of a theological reĠexion. In this respect we examine the values of the šf ḥȝwty epithet that usually refers back to the criocephalous manifestation of the demiurge. A collection of examples from the New Kingdom also reveals that the ḥȝwty (with graphies that bear witness of a duel), can be connected to the divine ship, bearer of the two prow and stern figures, criocephalic in the case of theban Amon, a manifestation of a divine face central to divinatory practice.