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Annales islamologiques 53
2020 IFAO

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ʿĀqdā zawāǧ fī waṯīqa ġayr manšūra min waṯā’iq al-Ḥaram al-qudsī al-šarīf

The main purpose of this paper is to edit and study a unique unknown decree of al-Ġūrī (1501‑1516 AD). The document is of great importance for the Diplomatics and History disciplines; especially the Mamluk Studies. This decree has special features that allow us to elaborate the minutes of drafting such documents, and how to use it in writing history. However, the diplomatical study (description of the document, its history at the host archive, and the detailed study of its form and context) showed significant aspects of its content and circumstances. On the other hand, the text sheds more light in al‑Ġūrī era, and the history of the churches, monasteries, and the Coptic community at whole.