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Annales islamologiques 40
2006 IFAO
26 p.
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مصادر دراسة الوثائق العربية الإسلامية. Maṣādir dirāsat al-waṯā’iq al-ʿarabiyya al-islāmiyya.

Four sources are the most important for the study of diplomatic documents in Arabic from the Islamic period.

1. The official documents :

The official documents are the most important source for the study of Islamic diplomacy. However, before using these sources a distinction should be made between the original and different forms of copied documents.

2. The Inscriptions :

Arabic inscriptions on Islamic monuments are very important sources for researching Islamic documents, because it is possible to prove that some of these inscriptions are typical copies from original documents.

3. Literary documents :

Literary documents are the text of documents in the historical books.

4. The translations :

Some Arabic documents have survived in the form of translation and are found in European archives.