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Colloque international

Du dimanche 15 septembre 2019 au mercredi 18 septembre 2019 à 9h00, IFAO géolocalisation IFAO

First symposium of the workgroup Egyptian Riverine Harbours

Dr. Irene Forstner-Müller (ÖAI - Cairo branch), Pr. Harco Willems (KU Leuven) and Dr. Marine Yoyotte (IFAO - Cairo)

Partenaire(s) de l’Ifao: Österreichisches Archäologisches Institut - Cairo Branch (ÖAI), KU Leuven, Sorbonne Université, ARCE

Since 2017, a workgroup on Egyptian Riverine Harbours has been created within the framework of a collaboration between the Österreichisches Archäologisches Institut - Cairo Branch (ÖAI), KU Leuven and the French Institute for Oriental Archaeology (IFAO) for its five-year plan (2017-2021). Two workshops have already taken place in 2017 and 2018. The aim of this reasearch program is to gain a better understanding of riverine harbours during Ancient Egypt, a topic which has seen an increase in popularity in recent research. We wish to make a first synthesis on the subject by analysing the features of riverine harbours, their function and their integration in the network of Egyptian waterways. To this end, we have brought together a group of specialists working on Egyptian fluvial harbours, the Nile, its canals and the irrigation system from the Pharaonic period up to the pre-modern times.

The symposium Egyptian Riverine Harbours will take place in Cairo at the Institut français d’archéologie orientale (IFAO) from September 15th to 18th 2019.


15th September 2019

6pm Keynote lecture by Pr. Nicolas Grimal (Collège de France, Académie des Inscriptions et Belles-Lettres)

Monday 16th September 2019

9.30-10am Welcoming Coffee-Introduction

THEME 1: General and Historical Geography considerations on the Nile, irrigation systems, and navigation

Session 1: Historical Geography studies

10-10.30am Nicolas MICHEL (Aix-Marseille University), Hydraulic Structure of the Giza Province on the Eve of the Modern Period.

10.30-11am Ghislaine ALLEAUME (CNRS), Delta river ports at the dawn of the 19th century.

11-11.30am Willem TOONEN (KU Leuven), Harco WILLEMS (KU Leuven), and Jan PEETERS (Utrecht University), Meandering thoughts on fluvial migration in the Nile Valley.

11.30-12pm Coffee Break

Session 2: Navigation

12-12.30am Doug INGLIS (Texas A&M University), Environmental Determinism, Entanglement, and the Evolution of Watercraft upon the Nile.

12.30am-1pm Mohamed ABDEL-MAGUID (MoA), Research on the theme : Inland water shipping /boats from textual and iconographical data (abstract and definitive title not sent yet).

1-2pm Lunch Break

THEME 2: Lexicographical, prosopographical and papyrological data on the Nile, harbours and its administration

Session 3: Data from the Pharaonic to the Greco-Roman Period

2-2.30pm Clémentine AUDOUIT (Paul Valéry-Montpellier III University), The analogy between blood and the river through the hydrographic vocabulary in Egyptian Texts.

2.30-3pm Serena ESPOSITO (Lettres Sorbonne University), Destructuring and redefining a professional category: Egyptian sailors and boatmen in the administrative and social hierarchy of the 3rd millennium BC.

3-3.30pm Pascal ARNAUD (Lumière Lyon 2 University), Hormoi and riverbanks: places for port-activity and their administration in the Nile basin after Greek papyri (IIId cent. BCE – Vth cent. CE)

3.30-4pm Katherine BLOUIN (University of Toronto), To the cell and beyond: Social landscapes and connected margins in the 4th c. CE Nile Delta.

4-4.30pm Coffee Break

4.30pm-5.30pm General discussions (closed to the public)



Tuesday 17th September 2019

9.15-9.30am Welcoming Coffee

THEME 3: Mediterranean and Red Sea study cases

Session 4: From Byblos to the Red Sea/ Chairman ?

9.30-10.20am Nicolas GRIMAL (Collège de France, Académie des Inscriptions et Belles-Lettres) and Martine FRANCIS-ALLOUCHE (Collège de France), Anchorages and harbours in ancient Byblos.

10.20-10.50am Pierre TALLET (Paris Sorbonne University), Three harbours from the Pharaonic Period on the Red Sea shore.

10.50-11.20 Coffee Break

THEME 4: Archaeological and geoarchaeological study cases on Riverine harbours

Session 5: General Considerations and riverine harbour sites comparisons / Chairman ?

11.20-11.50am Morgan DE DAPPER (Ghent University), Geomorphological observations on the evolution of the fluvial landscape in the Nile Delta since the Late Pleistocene.

11.50-12.20am Judith BUNBURY (University of Cambridge), Coming alongside: Harbour environments from the Cataracts to Cairo.

12.20-12.50am Irene FORSTNER-MÜLLER (ÖAI- Austrian Archaeological Institute Cairo), A Tale of two cities -Thoughts on the riverine systems of Tell el-Dab’a and Kom Ombo.

1-2pm Lunch Break

Session 6: Upper Egypt sites/ Chairman ?

2-2.30pm Cornelius VON PILGRIM (Swiss institute Cairo), Interconnections between settlements and river in Elephantine and its environs.

2.30-3pm Wolfgang MÜLLER (Swiss institute Cairo), Syene (ancient Aswan) and its access to the River Nile.

3-3.30pm Abdelmoneim SAID MAHMOUD (MoA), A Recently Discovered Quay at Gebel El-Silsila Eastern Quarry.

3.30-4pm Coffee Break

3.50-4.20pm Jan PEETERS (Utrecht University), Willem TOONEN (KU Leuven), Tim WINKELS, (Utrecht University), Benjamin PENNINGTON (University of Southampton), Julie DURCAN (University of Oxford), Aurelia MASSON-BERGHOFF (British Museum), Angus GrAHAM (Uppsala University), Holocene development of the interconnected fluvial and cultural landscape of the river Nile near Luxor

4.20-4.50pm Angus GRAHAM (Uppsala University), TOONEN (KU Leuven), Tim WINKELS, (Utrecht University), Benjamin PENNINGTON (University of Southampton), MASSON-BERGHOFF (British Museum), Kristian Strutt (University of Southampton), Dominic Barker (University of Southampton), Virginia Emery (University of Wisconsin), Implications of a Theban West Bank secondary Nile channel: delivering colossal statues and building stone and the location of the mryt.

4.50pm-5.20pm Laure PANTALACCI (Lumière Lyon 2 University), The harbour of Coptos: between the Nile and the Red Sea.

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